Sunday, March 02, 2008

Late Valentine Blog

I'm so out of focus these days, so late in blogging, so many pending things to do. Maybe after today I'll find time to write something new. Got this flowers from Irwin last February 14. I know it's late and it's the last day of February. Happy February 29! Tomorrow will be March 1 and I can't wait for classes to finish, that's why I am rushing to finish things at school.

I remember what Will, my Korean student told me on how they celebrate Valentine's day in Korea. Females would give males chocolates for Valentine's, whether you like the person or not. It is a time where you remember your male friends, officemates, co-worker or superior. Wow, some Korean male can have as much chocolate as he wants if he has a lot of friends and maybe if he is famous.

On March 14, it will be the males turn to buy the females candy on this day. Interesting isn't it.

I remember when I was still studying at the College of Science in UST, organizations would sell roses during Valentine's day and my male classmates would chip in to buy us all flowers especially delivered to our class. Of course, my pretty classmates has a lot of flowers on this day because they have a lot of suitors.

Every Valentine's day when I had a boyfriend, Irwin would always give me flowers from Dangwa and sometimes delivered from Holland Blooms or Holland Tulips. My officemates would at night go to Dangwa to buy flowers to give to their girlfriend or wife. It is an example of male bonding on Valentine's day.

This Valentine's though, I tried to send my mother flowers from Holland Blooms and delivered it to her office, para sikat. I'm sure she is very happy. You know how mothers are.


Unknown said...

wow!that's is really interesting.Those korean guys are so lucky!Holland flowers?wow you are so lucky to have a lovely BF :)

Rainier & Katrina said...

napadaan lang agnes... musta baby mo?

Beibi said...

hello kaye,

thanks for dropping by, ok naman si baby, may sked pa ako ng next ultrasound.