Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sandy Concepcion's Pizza

I love pizza. Love it.Love it. I never get tired of it just like cream. Every time I discover a new pizza restaurant or new Italian restaurant I always ask Irwin to eat there. There is a rave for this new pizza, actually it is not new because I saw it in KC Concepcion's blog.

I just remember Irwin again telling me about this pizza. We were in San Juan last Sunday and we were actually looking for their address in Little Baguio but we were with Kiara we cannot stay long enough to look for it.

Anyway, Kiara's 4th month is next week so we might as well celebrate it with a pizza instead of the usual cake.

Or maybe I will still buy a cake for Kiara and pizza for us.
Teeheee... Nice.

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