Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kiara is Sick with Cold and Fever

Kiara got sick because of the cold weather. This is the first time that she got sick. She has a fever and cold. Now her fever is gone but she still has the cold. We do not have any supplemental vitamins for her but will ask her pedia this saturday. I checked at and found out that it is not good to rub alcohol if a child has a fever.

According to their article:

Never try to reduce a fever by sponging down your baby with rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can be absorbed into your baby's bloodstream through the skin. It can also cool him too quickly, which can actually raise his temperature.

This is the whole article to read: here.

We always had a misconception that rubbing alcohol if you have a fever can actually make the temperature go down but it is not true. Parang ice cream, sabi lalamigin ka pag kumain ka but it can actually make yo feel warm.

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