Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Truck Experience

I remember my boss telling me about a story of how they were blocked by our school security guards because it has been a standard procedure to check every vehicle leaving the grounds of our school. She was complaining because their car was a SUV pickup with a truck bed cover covering it. Imagine the hassle of taking it off and exposing an empty back.

She was angrier the next day because it is the same truck that they were using. It is not that they do not have another car, but the rest were in repair shop because it was damaged by the typhoon Ondoy and their SUV was spared.

She was embarrassed more because her husband was the one driving the car and he has to go down and open again the truck cover and expose it. What's really making them angrier is that they were hanging like in a parking lot cue and thay have to remove the truck cover.

The cover more or less looks like this, I got this picture of tonneau from this site. Having a truck cover would be beneficial because you need to secure the things at the back of your pickup truck and this would shield the things from sun or rain.

Anway, the procedure only lasted for two days. Sometimes you get lucky, some days you don't.

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