Saturday, April 09, 2016

Please Don't Let Them Hurt Your Children

This is my daily prayer. It hurts to read or hear stories of children hurting. Hurting physically because they are sick, hurting emotionally because they are lonely and nobody listens to them. Children who are in the hospital, children who can't breath, children who can't eat. Helpless innocent children. My heart breaks and I can't bear to listen or read stories about them. But while I was thinking about this I keep on thinking of our role as a member of the society and our role as a Christian. Even I feel helpless and sometimes I just want to stay numb with this kind of problem as if this concerns me.

I have two girls. I hurt them too. I shout at them and spank them as a way of discipline. If I do not discipline them they will grow up to believe that everything that they do is alright even if it is not. I sometimes want to quit my job and just spend time with them because my job is preventing me from having quality time with them. Technology is a bad thing because it keeps me away from my children, they are so busy watching TV and playing online games than sharing or playing. I really hate the technology because even my husband is addicted to online game. I also find myself checking my smart phone once in a while or more often.

 I just want to go somewhere where the grass is green and there are no internet connection. It's just the four of us. So I can talk to my husband and I can play with the  kids no istorbo.


Diana Cummings said...

Admin, if not okay please remove!

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Lora Tiuh said...

Maybe because they were influenced by their Dad..

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