Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do You Want to Die?

I want to die a natural death, getting old. My husband's grandmother is 87 years old with no pain in her body and yesterday, she let me smell her Creamsilk fragrant hair that has reached her knee. She was a widow at 30 and was a pregnant widow. She has lived 57 years with her only daughter who has never married and takes care of her, our Ninang Baby. So devoted and caring.

Now, on the topic of dying. How do I start writing this? I suddenly wrote about dying because I checked a website on dying and saw to my horror that a lot of people are accessing it. Why do people want to die, why would they search in the internet on ways to die? Gracious! If only their relatives or their loved ones could see what they have been accessing. They have a suicide attempt or a death wish. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! So many lonely people. So isolated. This season of Christmas and New Year it does not only bring cheers to a lot of people but loneliness too.

Some dread the arrival of their birthdays, or special occasions because of fear that no one will greet them or no one will share it with them. Some people would judge them pathetic but let's us understand these people. Behind their facade that everything is alright they are miserable.

Just like the Beatles Song, All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
I can be alone but I am not lonely, you can be with a lot of people but you are lonely. I just hope that everyone will have a Lonely-Free New Year and everyone will have someone to share the holidays. People of the world, have faith, have love, make no room for loneliness.

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