Sunday, December 02, 2007

Etcetera, Etcetera on PBB

Early morning blogging, what can I write? About how I dislike Mariel and glad that she is out of Pinoy Big Brother house? I am glad though that Baron is not evicted because I could see a potential in him to change. Gabby's entrance is not welcome also because it defies the rules, she should have no outside contact and if she leaves she should not return. She may have taken out of her system the experiences and the feeling of being a prisoner in Big Bro's house.
Mariel can be herself because she has no fear of getting evicted, she was the only happy person inside the house, maybe if the others could relax just like Mariel we could really see their true personality and if they do not care about winning the price, then we could really tell who they really are. But because I am teaching Social Psychology, and it is the study of the influence of the presence or perceived presence of people on an individual, you really could not tell their personality because it is a different situation, once they get out what you see inside is not necessarily their personality.

I remember Mariel, telling John that they should "date" after the show is over and see if what they are feeling are brought about the situation and see if what they feel is real. Usually, it does not last, it is brought about by loneliness and the feeling of limited freedom inside the house.

Change topic to marriage and relationship, so how about those extra-marital affairs by the husbands or wives? Are they influenced by the situation too? The answer is yes, one-night-stand, yes. The problem comes the morning after when you feel the responsibility sinking in. Maybe the married one's are waiting for some changes to happen in their relationship with their partner and if it improves maybe they will leave their mistress. For the one-night stand, sorry, it is not a start of a serious relationship, forget the girl, forget the man, pray you won't get pregnant, it is only brought about the situation. Cynical right?


ribbiticus said...

hi agnes! what a relief to find someone who shares the same sentiment about mariel! everyone i talk to keeps on harping about how she is so happy and carefree compared to the other housemates. when i say that it's coz she's not under the same pressure as everyone else, it just falls on deaf ears. haaay naku! kainis!

thanks for the visit, dear! i like your blog! i think i will be a frequent visitor here...:)

ribbiticus said...

oops, i think i forgot to post the main reason for my visit: thanks for stopping by my blog pala - hehehe. sorry, na-aliw ako sa kakabasa e...;)

Beibi said...

ay oo that's true, she seems exaggerated in her actions na buti nga wala na siya sa loob. Pero mukha nga syang kalog kahit nung nasa wowowee pa sya.