Friday, January 11, 2008

People Say I Am Going to have a Baby Boy

Just because I looked different and puffed out,
Do not tell me that my baby is going to be a boy,
Just tell me straight that I do not look good and
That I look fat.

People used to say that I am going to have a girl,
because nothing has changed and I do not look pregnant.
But Christmas and New Year has passed,
and I rested and relaxed and never looked at myself in a mirror.

I turned into a very pregnant lady.
Because I do not feel good,
I tried to change the style of my hair.
I had a haircut.
It was a bad haircut.
I looked even uglier.

I do not want to get out of the house.
I want to schedule another hair appointment.
I feel bad.
But I am getting over it.

Do not tell me my baby is going to be a boy,
No one knows for sure, not the Chinese Calendar,
not you not anyone.
Sex is determined at conception.
Did you get a peep at my baby's XY Chromosomes?
How fortunate for you, you better start
putting a booth at Quiapo.

If you cannot tell me directly that I am ugly,
do not say anything at all.


Rockstarmomma said...

i feel you sis! i know exactly how u feel... amp! that is really annoying! but don't stress yourself too much. that's the last thing u need right now. take care!

Beibi said...

I guess a lot of pregnant women experiences that a lot, kainis noh!
ngayon naman ang tawag sa akin butete. haay.