Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Cookies

I like cookies especially Mrs. Fields cookies and Famous Amos. On the local side, I like chocolate chip cookies and raisin cookies. I like cookies that are crisp on the outside and chewy inside. I also like nutty cookies and with oatmeal.

I thought of making cookies as a give away for Christmas. So I tried searching for cookie recipes. Last year, I tried making ( not baking) a no bake cookies and it turned out sticky. Sometimes the available instant cookie is so hard to do or make it right. I found this recipe No bake cookie recipe and from the instructions this is very easy to do. It only has three instructions. All I need is some sugar, unsweetened cocoa and some nuts, mix them and it is almost ready.

The Mrs. Fields cookie is a must try recipe. I am so glad it is here because I love this cookie. This sells around 75 pesos for a 5 pieces cookie. This is yummy, every time I have this I will go to a corner and eat it by myself. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to Mrs. Fields cookie.

Another recipe that I want to try out is the Diabetic cookie recipe. They used Equal as a substitute for sugar. I have a lot of person in mind to give this cookie to. My parents, my in-laws, my co-teachers, my husband! This is also an easy recipe because I have all the ingredients available.

Before trying to make cookies be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Always prepare the ingredients prior to cooking. Preheat the oven, use butter not margarine if that is the requirement. Do not use substitutes unless you are an experienced cook who can experiment with the cooking. Most importantly, when you are cooking, do it with love, imagine the person eating the cookie and the look on his or her face at the first bite of your cookie.

I will try to post actual pictures before giving out the cookies. Hopefully, this project will be done before Christmas. Hehehehe. Absolutely.

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