Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiara's milestones at Ten Months

1. She can clap her hands.
2. She knows the sound of the airplane and looks up.
3. She can already stand with support.
4. She can say, "Mama" not yet "Dada".
5. She has 4 teeth.
6. She still sleeps through the night.
7. Though she never like to hold her bottle.
8. She wants to follow her Kuya Miko who is 14 months.
9. She puts her toes in her mouth.
10. She never puts anything in her mouth but kisses her stuffed toys.
11. She like the song of Thomas and His Friends.
12. Dances to the tunes of Wowowee.
13. Likes the commercial of Vhong Navarro, Selecta 2 in 1 plus 1, she claps her hand.
14. When she likes what she's eating she would rock her feet.
15. "Atatatatatatatatataaa" I heard her now.
16. "Bababababa" too and some words I can't spell. ;)
17. "hing, jajaja" also.

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