Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho

Another scandal, a showcase of id, (id in the structure of personality of Freud), I couldn't believe it. Here I am again blogging about showbiz like I can't write anything worthy. Just want to share my opinion on this matter. I would have to agree to what Karen Davila had said on radio " ok lang na malaman ng ilang tao pero ng lahat ng tao.." huwag na dapat i-share ang mga ganitong video. Sensationalized na naman. There is a majority of doctors who are violating the ethical standards of their profession and this called dual relationship, doctor mo na, lover mo pa. Pero in this case, there is no doctor-client relationship.
Dr. Kho is just like an ordinary doctor who LUSTS and go after the needs of his lusts. The problem is the video, maybe he has a hidden agenda in doing this, maybe just like in the radio, blackmailing Katrina of not showing the video in exchange for something.
Maybe he wants another sugar mommy.
For a psychologist to do this kind of act, he will be sanctioned with removal of license. In the States, you can be suspended for two years and then go back to your profession. Here I do not know the sanction.


Marlon said...

I agree, even those people who normally don't write about these things eh napapasulat na. Regardless of profession, I think it's unethical do such things. Walang lalaking nasa matinong pag-iisip ang dapat gagawa ng ganyan sa isang babae. kahit sabihin na parehong gusto ang nangyari eh hindi pa rin dapat inilalabas ang ganito at i-share, isang pagmamayabang na sobrang wala sa lugar. He's taken this too far. I feel terribly sorry for Katrina.

(showbiz? lols)

Beibi said...

What you said was true, "walang matinong lalaki ang gagawa nun" I do not want to generalize but we have a lot of those in our society. Scandals are everywhere.