Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love the Powder-Citrus Scent

My current perfume is the Gucci Rush. I still have my old Hugo Boss Red and Benetton HOT. I have some Victoria Secret cologne and a Johnson's Baby cologne too. Sometimes I like to wear perfume that is designed for Men because they sometimes smell cool and fresher. I like the CK collection, and the scent of my male college classmate (hehehe) which until now I do not know the name but remember the smell. I like Issey Miyaki scent, I would rather smell them from others than wear the perfume.

I like a Scent that smells like you've just taken a shower. There are some shampoo scents that I like lavander but I do not like them as perfume. Clean scent and citrus, vanilla and melon and cucumber. Even the smell of raw cucumber refreshes me.

I do not like flower scent, fruity (some) and those perfume that is too strong. I once had an Oscar dela Renta perfume and I only wear it once and got an allergic reaction. I got colds afterward.

I like baby cologne too. My baby uses Zwitsal products and it smells good.
I do not like berries smell but I like the smell of grapefruit.

I wear perfume depending on my mood and where I am going but since I have a baby I have to choose my perfume well because I do not want to suffocate Kiara. For everyday scent, I would prefer Victoria Secret brand and some local colognes are good too.

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