Monday, June 15, 2009

I want a furniture that is...

If money is not a problem I would like to have different sets of furniture for every part of the house.

Kiara's room

An ideal furniture for kids room is something soft so the baby will not get hurt from bumps, scratches and should be accident prone. I would choose soft and colorful furniture maybe something like a bean bag. But you cannot sleep in a bean bag I suppose? I can't find a picture of what I like in the net but this room decorations and the furniture are also good. A cabinet for the baby's thing and her bed.

Our bedroom

This Chinese bed is one of my dream furniture. I wish I could have one. It reminds me of the old Chinese movies that I've watched. This is ideal if you have a house keeper, but if I do not have one, I would rather choose a simpler bed. For a working mom like me, I could only clean during weekends.

This is a simpler bed which I could keep. It looks modern and classy.

I found this sofa set for the living room area and it is good for relaxing and unwinding. We have a similar one at home and I couldn't ask for more. Maybe a bigger one. The sofa is not too soft nor too hard and you could always lie down because it is long unlike other sofa that is only good for sitting.

Dining Area

For the dining area I want a simple and modern design. I do not want fancy style because those furniture are confined to large houses and require a lot of space.
I could upgrade to one of these designs maybe when Kiara's grown up.

Since I have a baby in the house, my taste depends on what is good for her.
But if I have a lot of houses, I could choose a lot of furniture. Take for example, a rest house maybe in Tagaytay or Baguio needs rustic furniture which is really natural and homey . Something comforting for a cold day while sipping a hot chocolate or coffee.

For city living, I like the minimalistic designs more like Zen type. I want squares, circles and simple shapes and design. Not too big nor too small.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! Those are awesome! Spacify offers Sofa Set and more at reasonable prices.

Star Villanueva said...

Great pictures! I love the baby's blue room =)