Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ondoy, Ondoy

This picture was taken September 27, 2009, Sunday at our school. We had to stay overnight because we cannot get out or go home due to the heavy rains and flood, we do not have any TV with good reception so we have no idea what is happening outside of the school. This is the water in front but now it has subside.
One of my student even took a picture of me riding a make shift boat. But I do not have that picture yet.

This is the chest deep water in Eusebio Avenue, I really cannot imagine myself walking in flooded water that deep but I was able to walk past my waist. Hehehe. I guess it is too much for me. This was taken when we were riding the boat with Miss Andal.

RTU inside from top October 8

RTU inside taken from above October 8
Near Immaculada School near the Pasig City Hall

Pasig Market
Eusebio Avenue again

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