Monday, October 26, 2009

Relief Goods in DSWD

I got these pictures from ella's blog and she gave permission to use these pictures to show the world what is happening to the relieft goods sent to the Philippines and distributed by the DSWD.

You can find the whole story in her blog and I have some additional information that would verify the allegations. Of course I do not know if these are true because these are second hand information only unlike Ella who really took these pictures and made her own interpretation.

Is it true from what I've heard that Crocs and Havainas made some donations and it was replaced with fake ones?

How true are the news or perceptions of my students whom I asked to interview Ondoy victoms and they claimed that relief to Baranggay were not distributed equally? Barangay captains would give the first round of relief to their relatives and the remaining were for the barangay constituents.

I even heard that tale by the boatmen when we were still going to Pasig during the floooded days.

There was even a comment from one government employee who claimed that it was their practice to distribute "undistributed" goods to their office and friends and other government agency.

That was our topic during dinner last Friday when we heard the news about the undistributed good.

If there are any imported goods distributed how sure are we that the people are getting them?
We are not really sure. I would rather believe that it was being hoarded and will be given as a Christmas gift or give away to government employees.

But in fairness to those who are really giving reliefs, we are one who are relief goods recipient and thanks to those people who continued to give relief good. We have extra soap, toothpaste, rice and even pail! That is very useful. I for one will be glad to receive one of those.
There are a lot of news in facebook and the net who continues to post news and pictures.
I admire them who took their time to help our contrymen.

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