Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is Something About Lola Nene

Lola Nene, aged 88 is Irwin's lola from his maternal side. Lolo Jose is a US War Veteran who died several years ago and left her with a pension plan. That serves as her allowance for her medicine and other needs. She does not have to worry about her other needs because she is well provided. I do not know how the pension plan works for the Veteran dependents.

My father is also receiving a pension from the Philippines Social Security System, this one is for those who worked in the private sector of our country. If you worked in a government setting the GSIS provides you with a pension plan just like my father-in-law who will be retiring in 2011.

One option for those who wants to get their pension is a to get a lump sum pension. My father-in-law has a brother in the States who is in a retiring age. It is possible for him to get a pension from the government and if he wants to enjoy his money right away and not wait for the pension, he has an option to avail of a US Pension Funding.

Information for this kind of pension can be found by click here, retirees can travel around the world, go back to their home land, try out new things like a hobby and these kind of activities need money, right?

Is it possible to cash in your pension early?

This is one question retirees often ask, this is an option for some retirees and depends on several factors. But if you need an emergency cash and you cannot wait for the pension, then getting a lump sum is advisable.

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