Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Impressive Politicians: Maybe They Are Made?

I was never impressed with any politician. When I look at the billboards I looked at their tummy and would judge them according to the size of their waistline. That I think would indicate a balanced person, one who can still exercise. One who still has health. While doing the Visita Iglesia, I chanced upon a senatorial candidate and was greatly surprised to see a very old, old man which is the opposite of his picture in his campaign photo. Then I continuously check for a whole body or even half body photo of candidates. I find a few pictures with half body photo. All are facial shots. Photoshopped. The Mayors, the Senators, Congressmen etc. and even the Baranggay Captains and Councilors are PUBLIC SERVANTS. I once tried to get a barangay clearance and I've seen a councilor, fully dressed, exuding power and authority. Then, I thought, this is not how a public servant should act. But all of this will change once election and the campaign period starts. Suddenly, you find them so friendly and approachable.

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