Sunday, May 26, 2013

What I Will Miss When We Transfer to Our House

These are some of the things that I will miss when we will transfer to our new house beside my parent's house.
 1. Maybe I will miss my mother-in-law's cooking but its been two months since I've eaten there. I can't be on diet.
2. We have a bigger room here than our own room in our new house.
3. We have a bathtub and we do not have one in our new house, though I have only used it maybe three times?
4. The space. The space in Cainta is very large because it has a garage and a dirty kitchen and laundry outside, in our new house, it's a small 49 square meter, here we have at least 120 square meter.

 I do not have a lot of good memories in this house, because this is where I had a miscarriage.
I just realized that I am a better person before I got married and staying married and staying in this house does not improve my personality but I got worse.

 It's really true that a person changes her personality depending on the situation and condition.

 I remember that I am always happy being in my parent's house because that is where I find comfort, just the simple gesture of sitting and raising your feet up and talking in a loud voice is so liberating.

 I have no good memories only bad ones.

 The song "I want to break free" is always on my mind because this is what I really feel. Just a few more months and I can't wait to break free.

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