Friday, April 25, 2014

Diet Plan from Medical City - Low Cholesterol HIgh Fiber - No Exercise

Just want to share the diet plan we got from the Medical City, my husband was confined for three days because his blood pressure is around 220/110. This was during their annual physical examination. It was alarming, he immediately brought himself to the emergency section of The Medical City where he was also confined. When he was discharged we got this diet plan from a nutritionist/dietician.

After following the plan, I lost 14 pounds in 3-4 months. My husband lost 10 pounds. We are still continuing this diet but made some modifications. The most important thing I believed that I experienced when following this diet is that the crave for sweet and sugar is lessened. You can actually detect the presence of sugar, you become sugar sensitive and so you tend to avoid sweets. This is also the same with salty food, you also become salt-sensitive. I do not crave for junk food again, potato chips etc. Occasionally I can eat them but I can't finish the whole thing.

The greatest blessing with losing weight is that I was able to get pregnant again. Maybe because my hormones normalized and so is with my husband.

 Before Taken March 2013
After Taken July 2013

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