Monday, April 28, 2014

TIPS in Looking for A Hotel Wedding Reception

If you are looking for a hotel to do your wedding preparations or wedding reception, the very first thing that you have to consider is the presence and competence of the medical team or if they have a medical team.

Number One: Check the availability of the doctors
Number Two: Check the schedule of the nurses
Number Three: Check if the receptionist is also the nurse
Number four: Check if they have a stand by ambulance
Number Five: Check if they have a stand by vehicle
Number six: Check if they have adequate medical equipment like the presence of an OXYGEN
Number seven: Is it possible that the diploma of the doctors and nurses be displayed inside the room?
Number eight: Do not schedule a heart attack after lunch time.

I was at a hospital one day and was able to talk to a mother who lost his husband attending a wedding reception, we also have to consider the health of the ninongs and ninangs, our parents, other senior citizens attending the wedding, lolos and lolas.

Especially now that stroke and heart attack strikes when we least expect it.
It is better to be prepared all the time.

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