Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Want a Rolex

Last week Irwin received a package from the mail and it was a free watch from HSBC. Its brand was Dunlop and it was a sports watch. Two weeks ago I tried to have his Fossil watch repaired. I too had my watch repaired. I noticed that the watch repairman was wearing a very expensive-looking watch and tried to see the brand. It was a Rolex watch! Now I wonder if is real or a fake.

There is a website that offers the best price on Rolex watches. www.bestoftime.com. They offer the best deal because they are operating as an independent dealer of genuine Rolex watches. They are free from the control of the manufacturer's pricing; instead of passing some manufacturing costs to their customers they instead give discounts. By buying Rolex watches from them you actually get a bigger discount.

Best of Time offers a wide variety of authentic and genuine Rolex watches. They sell like-new and pre-owned Rolex watches that comes in a genuine box and a GIA member appraisal papers. Each watch has a serial number and certificate to make it sure that you purchase a genuine one.

They assured the customer the best service that they can give when you purchase a Rolex from them. Check out their credentials and they are a member of Better Business Bureau where they got the highest exceptional rating of A+.

Warranty is at 3 years and it offers free FedEx shipping.

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