Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Yaya Day

I was absent yesterday and took care of Kiara. Her yaya left Sunday for her usual day off but did not return because there is a problem with her daughter. No yaya day today still. So Irwin took a leave of absence. It is really hard to get a yaya for babies. One office mate told me to really treat the yayas right because they are the ones who are left to take care of the kids. Who knows they are hurting your child or loving them or teaching them anything you wouldn't teach your child. It is very precious to see a loyal yaya, so if you have one, treat them equally but then it is hard to delineate the role.

Even if you treat them right it is not a guarantee that they will not leave.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Noynoy For President

I watched the morning news on Noynoy's decision to run for Presidency. I was watching their reactions and it seems that they really are united in their support for Noynoy's candidacy. It feels good to see our leaders agreeing in something that they believed in. Noynoy looked liked a reluctant leader, he seems to be a shadow of Cory, Ninoy and Kris.

For me he seemed indifferent to what was happening during his mother's wake and the entire necrological service. He was crossed arm and in Psychology this behavior is a defensive mode. Maybe he was protecting himself from the pain of loosing his mother, or maybe that is just a front to show that he is brave and unaffected. He was not emotional. I never see him emotional. Though I never really know the man, I believe that the blood of Ninoy and Cory runs through his vein and there was no opportunity for him to show what Noynoy really has to offer. That's what's missing the opportunity for him to grow and self-actualize his potential.

Maybe there really was no challenge for him in the Senate, as I've said he was reluctant. but maybe his candidacy for president is his opportunity to prove his worth as a descendant of Ninoy and Cory.

He may look weak and indifferent, he was someone who wants to stay in the background and was being pressured into running. But I know that every human has a capacity for growth and to reach his or her potential.

I believe in him and want to support him in his candidacy. I was moved to tears when I was watching the live coverage. Yes, the Filipino can. I as a mother just wanted a country where my child can move freely and safely. Where Kiara will be secure and not harmed. Where the people who serve our country take into consideration the welfare of the people.

Then I thought again, maybe Noynoy was coƱio and he will support only those he know and his relatives know. Then I thought again, that was very far from the Cory and Ninoy that I know.

Anyway, I want to give him a chance.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Baby Brianna " a child abused"

I've seen this video in one of a random blog's that I checked and I was moved by what they did to this baby. I was watching this video and I can't help but feel angry and fury to the parents of this child. It seems that the parents were still young and do not know how to take care of the baby. She even dared biting the child. Maybe baby Brianna's parent's were on drugs.

They were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sometimes you wish for a child and then found in the news that in some other part of the globe, a child is being abused.
I remember Kiara now and starting to miss her, they went on a trip and I did not go with them because I have a lot of work.
I've been to busy with work and keep on forgetting that a child is only a child once. They grow up fast.. I cannot make up for the lost time.

Now when they arrive, it will be late and she will be sleeping and tomorrow I will go to work again until Saturday..
Decision to be a stay at home mom is still being decided.

Hope I could make up my mind.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Need Help in Buying a Car?

Irwin commented one morning when we were going to work that people nowadays are selling their Mazda cars because the gasoline cost went up. Though we are experiencing a time of crisis, people do still buy cars, old or new ones.

The demand for a vehicle is I think still popular because right now during rainy days, it is convenient to bring a car than go out in the rain.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I Want a Rolex

Last week Irwin received a package from the mail and it was a free watch from HSBC. Its brand was Dunlop and it was a sports watch. Two weeks ago I tried to have his Fossil watch repaired. I too had my watch repaired. I noticed that the watch repairman was wearing a very expensive-looking watch and tried to see the brand. It was a Rolex watch! Now I wonder if is real or a fake.

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