Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Friend's Family Dilemma

I have a friend who is a graduate of Nursing and she will take the board exam this June, currently she is reviewing for her exam. Her father died of electrocution from fishing and her elder brother is the only witness to her father's death. Her brother developed depression and post traumatic disorder and is currently under psychological treatment. He was being blamed for the father's death. Her father died when they were still young.

Her mother used to be an OFW, but right now she is out of job. Her eldest brother is married with two babies, one newborn and another one is almost two years old. He has no work and has never work ever since, his eldest brother is 25 years old.

She was able to go to college through the help of her Aunts from her mother side. her family is living in Pampanga, with their maternal grandmother. Her family depends on the pension of their maternal grandmother who's husband is a war veteran. They used up all of their grandmother's money to pay for the diapers, milk and household expenses. No one wants to help her family because they are still young and out of job, in short they are very lazy. They sit around all day watching the television without stretching a single muscle or bone yet they were able to eat and live.

Now this is what she asked me:

1. If ever she gets married is she going to support her family?
2. How can she teach her family especially her eldest brother to look for a job?
3. Can she just neglect them after she passed the board exam and get a job?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where to go in Tagaytay


The next time you visit Tagaytay try to visit Tita Angie's place, it is a sort of bed-and-breakfast resort where you can swim, relax, meditate, bond with friends or family or simply laze around.

The resort is spacious it is more than one hectare of trees and plants. The house has 6 rooms, with kitchen and dining area.

You can bring your own food, cook it there or ask Tita Angie to prepare something for you.

The resort is good for company outing, friends and familiy outing, balikbayans or those who are having their wedding in Tagaytay and need a place to stay for the whole family and relatives.

The place is still new, it only opened last week and rates are still in promo.

Tita Angie Puzon is an Irish woman married to a Filipino doctor based in the States. She knows Tagalog and a lot of Filipino dialect because she lives here for a long time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trumpette Baby Collection

These are some of the items in my wish list, Trumpette Socks but it is available only in the US, Paris, London etc. and not available here in the Philippines. I've been looking for it in Rustan's, Podium and other baby shops but can't find it anywhere.
Do you know anyone coming home from the States? Haay.

They look like shoes but actually they are socks, I've seen this in one of the mommy blog and she has a converse-looking socks and I'm obsessed by it since then.

I wonder if I can have them before I give birth.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Beautiful People in the World

Are you young? Do you look exotic and differently beautiful? Do you have a mysterious smile or a deep meaningful eyes? If you think you are good enough to be a model go to this site http://www.lookoftheyear.com/
and join this beauty contest by sending in your best photo. You can win 10,000 USD or get spotted by an agency for a modeling career.

Any aspiring model from all over the world are encouraged to join and send your best picture to get a chance to work and model in Paris, Milan or New York. Who knows you can be the next big thing and see yourself as a cover of a famous magazine or ramp model.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If He Really Knew Me and Think of Me by David Archuleta

I just watched American Idol's theme of Broadway and so I thought of one of my favorite songs from Broadway and this is the first song that comes to my mind.
Other favorites are Phantom of the Opera, Evita, the song "Tell me On a Sunday", and some popular songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber. I love the guy, I'm so happy he is still alive!

If He Really Knew Me
If he really knew me
If he really truly knew me
Maybe he would see the other side of me I seldom see

If there were no music
If the melodies stopped playing
Would he be the kind of man
I’d want to see tonight

Does the man make the music
Or does the music make this man
And is he everything I thought he’d be

If he really knew me
If he’d take the time to understand
Maybe he could find me
The part I left behind me
Maybe he’d remind me
Of who I am

If there were no music
If my melodies stopped plain’
Would I be the kind of man she’d want to se tonight
What the hell
It’s just a dinner
If this doesn’t work, that’s it
And can I really be so hungry for a hit

If she really knew me
If she’d take the time to understand
Maybe she could find me
The part I left behind me
Maybe she’d remind me
Of who I am

Speaking of American Idol here is David's rendition of Think of Me from musical "The Phantom of the Opera." I like the way he tries to sing it differently to match his style, voice and pitch. Think of Me has a high pitch and voice and he was able to give a fresh sound to the song.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Kimono Ken, Kaya and Jugo Juice

Kaya Restuaurant at Megamall

They have a value meal of P111.00 with soup and 6 oz iced tea. Their value meal is the rice toppings. We ordered Spicy Pork with rice, a dash of Kimchi, egg and dried shrimp. Their rice is ok but it is nothing compared to the taste of Kimono Ken's rice toppings.
We also ordered their special noodles Jap Chim that costs 136.00 they also have that at Chosun in Shangrila Mall but though I didn't tasted the one at Shangrila, I think it tastes better at Shangrila. The noodle is cooked right and it is a little sweet. I like it though, might as well try the one in Shangrila.

Jugo Juice at The Podium

We tried the Jugo Juice at the Podium, the place looks cozy that's why we went inside. It is located at the ground floor beside Cheesecake etc. I have to take a seat because I am tired of walking we've seen a very nice chair inside so we went in.
Jugo Juice is similar to the concept of Fusion located at the 5F of Podium but the juices or smoothies at Fusion tastes better because I think their smoothies has a lot of ice and less fruit. In Fusion, they froze their fruits so they need less ice and it is more flavorful. The price is almost the same. Irwin ordered the Watermelon Wiggle with watermelon, strawberry and cranberry? I ordered the fresh juice, Mega Veg that has cucumber, celery, carrots etc. Blech! Do not order this, I ordered it because I know it is good for the health, it detoxifies. But I will never order it again.

Kimono Ken at Food Court Shangrila

Wow! This is going to be one of my favorite Japanese restaurant, I like their rice toppings and Kani Salad. We tried the Kani Salad at Teriyaki Boy but this one tastes better. Mom and Tina also has a Kani Salad but the cucumber is not grated!

Their rice toppings tastes like heaven, I was able to eat it in 15 minutes, the rice that they used is excellent and the sauce is different. The difference lies in the sauce. I ordered pork and Irwin ordered chicken and I was able to distinguish the taste of the sauces. Yummy!

Atopic Dermatitis

This is my nephew Arren Mikel, we call him Miko and he is only 7 weeks old. At a very young age his asthma appears in the form of Atopic Dermatitis. Asthma run's in my husband's family so I will not be surprised if my daughter will have asthma too.

Miko's asthma started as a form of rashes on his face and eventually into his scalp.
When they brought him to a pediatrician, the doctor automatically asked if anyone in the family has asthma. The doctor said it is atopic dermatitis and this is hereditary.

The pediatrician asked my sis-in-law to change the baby wash that she is using and used cetaphil instead. If the rashes persist, they will have to change the milk again.

So what is this Atopic Dermatitis? According to medicinenet.com

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects the skin. The word "dermatitis" means inflammation of the skin. "Atopic" refers to diseases that are hereditary, tend to run in families, and often occur together. These diseases include asthma, hay fever, and atopic dermatitis.

In atopic dermatitis, the skin becomes extremely itchy and inflamed, causing redness, swelling, cracking, weeping, crusting, and scaling.

Atopic dermatitis most often affects infants and young children, but it can continue into adulthood or first show up later in life. In most cases, there are periods of time when the disease is worse, called exacerbations or flares, which are followed by periods when the skin improves or clears up entirely, called remissions. Many children with atopic dermatitis enter into a permanent remission of the disease when they get older, although their skin often remains dry and easily irritated.

Environmental factors can activate symptoms of atopic dermatitis at any time in the lives of individuals who have inherited the atopic disease trait.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Shower Invites

We are going to have a Baby Shower in Two weeks! Check out my online invites.
Got the design from www.fineststationery.com
and after using the Adobe Photoshop I was able to change the pictures of the parent into our own pictures.

We haven't buy anything yet for the baby except for the Avent bottles, the baby rompers and the pampers diaper for newborn. After the shower we will purchase additional things for the baby.

I hope we will have an advance gifts from everybody. Hehehehe! Para konti na lang ang bibilhin.

Monday, April 14, 2008

How do Kids Learn That?

This is my nephew Ralf Benedick, the first son of my eldest brother. He is already 15 months old. He is 11 months old in this picture when we went to Palawan.
Now my brother was telling me that RB is very naughty.


He would imitate his uncle, Ate Luz's brother, snore loudly.
Then he would laugh.

Then he would do it again.
And laugh..

I haven't seen him do it but it would have been hilarious.
Now I wonder, where did he learn that?

I know mommies out there has a lot to tell about their kids
that surprises them.

I can't wait for my own story.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Big Tummy and Little Puppy

I never want to upload a preggy picture until now because I looked puffed up and fat. Look at my arms and my nose, I know it may be common for pregnant to look fat but I am really big.
Ain't the puppy cute? He adores me!
Next time, I want my picture taken with Cassie and the puppies.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Rompers for Chiara

After the Avent bottles I bought these three rompers for baby Rai. I particularly liked the "MY HEART BELONGS TO DADDY" rompers. Ain't it cute? That was the last of the stock for the newborn. The violet printed rompers are also out of stock. The Disney Animal Bambi's size is Large, I didn't buy a newborn size.

Gosh, I need help in buying baby clothes.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Korean Style

If you are an avid Koreanovela watchers and admire the blouses and the clothes that the actresses are wearing, check out YesStyle.com.

I especially like the blouse shown above but of course it would not fit me. Asian styles are fit for a slim figure and some of them may not be the style the Filipinos like. I think Filipinos are more fashionable but Koreans wear something fun.

I bought a similar white blouse just like in the picture from Milk and Co.

Vacation Starts Now

One advantage of being in the academe is you also get to have a summer vacation just like the students. But it is not over yet, we also have to attend the graduation ceremony and even wears the toga. I already have the toga, tried it on and never want to wear it. I am not a hot pregnant momma but I am feeling hot when I wear the toga. I look like an oversize pimpled graduate. I can't even wear makeup because my face is left with no make to put on.

Oh the grueling summer! The graduation ceremony starts at 4:00 pm and it is still hot outside because it will be held outdoor. Good Luck!

Friday, April 04, 2008


Thanks to Sweetie for tagging me this interesting tag.

List Out The Top 5 Presents You Wish For:
1. Gucci Rush Perfume
2. All expense paid vacation to USA
3. Derma Session after giving birth
4. A new cellphone with camera
5. A crib for my new baby

The Person Who Tagged Me Is:

Your 5 Impressions Of Him/Her:
Interested in people
Friendly and Warm

Most Memorable Things He/She Has Give/Done For You
She's always saying nice things when reading my blog or something that will lift you up

The Most Memorable Words He/She Said To You
Congratulations, I am happy for you.

If He/She Becomes Your Lover, You Will
Sweetie is a female

If He/She Becomes Your Enemy, The Reason Will Be
Never I guess

Pass The Quiz To 5 People That You Wish To Know How They Feel About You:






1. Who Is No.3 Having Relationship With?
I had no idea

2. Who Is No.5 Having Relationship With?
Not sure

3. If No.3 And No.2 Are Together, Will It Be A Good Thing?

4. What About No.4 And No.5?

5. What Is No.3 Studying?
No idea

6. When Is The Last Time You Chatted With No.5?
Never have a chance to chat

7. Does No.4 Work?
Nope, on maternity leave

8. Do You Have Any Cousin In His/Her Own School?

9. Will U Be With No.1?

10. How About No.5?

11. Does No.2 Have Any Siblings?

12. How Did U Get To Know About No.2 And No.4?
Con and I have common aquiantances and I met Chelle at a forum

13. Where Does No.1 Live At?

14. How Did U Get To Know No.2?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Looking for a Kakampi

I guess wishing for a baby boy can be common for first time mothers. Siyempre, I want to justify my desire to have a baby boy and I was able to find a new mother who shares the same sentiment as me. Salma's baby is a girl just like me and a thousand others. I share her sentiments that yes a woman's life can be difficult. Read on..

Salma Hayek: 'I Was Born to Have This Girl'

By Caris Davis and Kristin Boehm

Originally posted Wednesday March 05, 2008 12:30 PM EST

Salma Hayek: 'I Was Born to Have This Girl' | Salma Hayek
In a new interview, Salma Hayek confesses she suffered from diabetes during her pregnancy and that she was hoping for a son – but now she's loving being a mom to her five-month-old daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault.
I guess wishing for a baby boy can be common for first time mothers. Siyempre, I want to justify my desire to have a baby boy and I was able to find a new mother who shares the same sentiment as me.

"I feel I was born to have this girl," she tells the April issue of Glamour magazine.

Pregnancy for the 41-year-old, first-time mom was a humbling experience. "I had diabetes while I was pregnant. I became huge. And I said, 'This is what it takes for me to have this baby, and I really want it.' Then you don't know if it's going to be healthy; you are completely out of control," she says. "So the experience really makes you humble."

Hayek's businessman fiancé, François Henri Pinault, 45, has two children from a previous marriage, and the actress confesses, "I wanted a boy."

How come? "Probably because I was afraid," she tells the magazine. "I think women suffer a bit more than boys, and there is always conflict between mothers and daughters."

"Now that she's here, I'm so happy she's a girl," Hayek says of Valentina. "And I can't imagine there ever being conflict between us, because I'm in a state of innocence where I love everything she does."

She concludes: "I just feel so fortunate to be her mother, and it makes me excited about the rest of my life, because I will get to witness her transformation every day."

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's a Girl!

Yesterday I had a Congenital Anomaly Scanning and we are proud to say that we are going to have a baby girl! I honestly wished that it will be a boy for some personal reasons... We only have one name Raymund Irwin or RAIN if it is a boy. We have no name for a girl. Until last Sunday.

And CHIARA will be her name...

We went to the Santa Clara de Montefalco Church in Caniogan, Pasig and Irwin saw this leaflet on the life story of St. Claire. Chiara is her Italian name which means, light, pure and clear. It was a beautiful name. In case our baby will be a girl that will be her name. I am already 6 months pregnant and we do not know the gender yet. The last ultrasound was not very clear but we had a hunch it was a girl, by five months if it is a boy, it should already be visible but it was not. After the ultrasound, I went to my parent's house and guess what I saw? The same leaflet of St. Claire lying on the table. I told my mother that we are going to have a girl and showed her the leaflet, I told her this will be the name, Chiara, and I encircled the name.

What a coincidence.

All along, signs have been telling me that I will have a girl. One co-worker even asked me spontaneously what is my favorite color and I said pink! And pink was not my favorite color, why all of a sudden I mentioned pink. That was my unconscious talking.

So yesterday, I had the scanning and yes it is a girl. I am a little disappointed
(I am being truthful) but today after seeing this video of a little girl named Connie. I can't help but cry and realized my mistake over my disappointment. I saw this video of a little girl with long golden hair from Chelle and saw in her my would be little girl. I will definitely teach her how to sing. Give her everything and anything, make her happy. Whew, it is so hard to be a parent. Guess, I am having an early new parent blues.