Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Covelandia Du Labrador

We went here May 24 to May 26, 2014 and based from the review from different sites, Covelandia gave us a satisfactory experience not really something bad like what  they used to write. Yes, the water maybe a little unclear because a lot of people are swimming but I think it is manageable or acceptable. The management may need to look into the water pool sanitation but I saw the staff cleaned the water from floating objects.
The room that we used costs 3,500 and for the price I think it is worth it since four people can stay there  waived the entrance fee of 150.
The food is also good and the price comparable to other restaurants. They have big servings. Mango shake is my favorite with the price of 60 pesos per glass, it is worth every glass.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Baby Girl Names

Example HTML page There are so many names to choose for a baby girl, every parent want a unique name for their babies because they will grow and die with their names. Majority of the Filipino names are from the first letter of their parents's name. Some are a combination of their names: Shirley (mother) Aurelio (father) the baby becomes Shirel. The trend nowadays are having two names and most are foreign sounding.

These are some of MY options:

Eloise Vivienne
Kenna Sofia
Daniella Eloise
Beatrix Sofia
Beatrix Eloise
Mari Arendelle
Lana Celestia
Celestia Anne - not a good choice associated with Anne Heche
Lana Eloise

Individually I like Eloise and Sofia. I like Eloise because I want to use part of my mother's name Lourdes. So there is a "LOU" in her name. I like Sophia because it is one of the top names but there are
a lot of girls named Sophia or Sofia. Beatrix means "She who brings happiness". Now the last name is Montalbo, this last name's meaning is Mountain.  I would like to choose Arendelle from the Disney Frozen because my little girl Kiara is addicted with Frozen and is also addicted with My Little Pony. There is a Princess Celestia character in My Little Pony.

Oh I want a nice sounding name for my new baby! Help.

Here are some available baby book names for easy reference:

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Megamall Sale

Example HTML page Tomorrow is another Sale for Megamall, I am not sure with Robinson's Galleria but one thing is for sure. Traffic is everywhere, this is the same time last year during my sister's wedding and my mother had a heart attack and she had to be rushed to Medical City and traffic was so slow. Tsk, tsk. Early morning when we were going to the Hotel preparation, it was already bumper to bumper traffic. Bad for people with ailment. It is better to stay indoor and if you are not going to buy anything important. Do not go out tomorrow.