Sunday, July 31, 2005

Laba laba sa lababo

Washing Dishes

My goal today is to make under pots squeaky clean. Using a hard scrub and detergent bar, I scratch and scrab the undersurface but I cannot make it like it's original clean self. I enjoy washing the dishes in my new home. This is the home of my husband, this is their house, well I only wash plates for a maximum of five persons. Tatay Rene, Mommy Precy, Sister Maris and my Irwin.

Sometimes, cousin Jayvee would be here to sleep during Fridays and Saturdays so he would be here on sunday mornings. Still, it is a maximum of five plates plus the lalagyanan ng ulam.

Snow White

Last night, I saw an old film of Rosanna Roces and Vic sotto, gosh, she really has a white, flawless skin, ang kinis sa Tv at ang puti, siguro if my skin is half as fair as her, mas todo ganda na ako.

My MIL and I used to have a bonding moments putting whitening products on our skin, one of her officemates, gave her some chemicals to whiten the skin. It was supposedly used by "Artista" to make their skin flawless.

First, you have to apply a mixture of kalamansi and evaporada milk, Mommy put something in it that smells like peroxide. The mixture is about 2 cups and can be used for a week, well for us three, Mommy, Tatay and me, siguro mga 3 days lang. Hati-hati kasi kami. Then, after applying the calamansi, you have to put the soap and another chemical mixture, all I know is that the soap consists of shredded Dove soap. I do not know what chemical was placed in it.
After 30 minutes of letting it dry on the skin, you have to wash it off. Skin feels so soft maybe because of the Dove soap and my skin feels so smooth because of the calamansi.
We've been doing it for like a month now, If only I discovered it a month before the wedding, I could be really flawless.

I am happy with my skin now, though it is not so fair, it is smooth and also my feet, you've got to believe it, nakikita ko tuloy ang mga ugat ko na dati ay natatakpan ng morena kong balat. Well, mahirap talagang magpaputi, minsan gusto ko nang matulog eh pero para dahil gusto kong gumanda sacrifice ng konti para magmukhang beauty ako. Haay, isa na lang siguro, I have to loose weight.

Delayed period

Kala ko naman, buntis na ako, grabe ilang pregnancy test din ang nasayang ko, I thought I was pregnant, shiyet, really, I am having pregnancy symptoms, pero wala pa rin pala, I gained weight, I have tender breast, biglang lakas ang kain ko, tapos delayed period pa ako, ngayon I have spotting, not really the real period, konti lang, siyempre hopeful pa rin ako na sana buntis na nga ako.
I never had any pressure naman or stress, pero nung na stress talaga ko, kasi nagalit ako dun sa isa kong officemate, as in nainis ako tapos the next day, I got my period, sobrang stress nagkaroon ako, I thought stress would make your period stop, now naman ang iniisip ko, baka mamaya buntis ako, tapos spotting lang. Haay! Talagang ang daming katwiran. Ano ba Agnes! Hindi ka buntis!!!!!

So what do we now, maybe we need to exercise and diet, ang taba kasi naming dalawa eh.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Makeup to the Max

Ganun pala!

Nung boyfriend ko pa lang si Irwin, her mother would always tell me to powder my face, oily face kasi ako eh, minamasa ko pa yun pag sinasabihan ako. Kasi I am really not the maayos type, kasi sometimes I do not want to appear pretty for fear na they would perceive me na maarte, Eh ang arte ko kaya, pag sinisipag ako saka lang ako nag-aayos.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adjustment Blues

How many days am I married?

I am 44 days married, so far, do I like it? Well, I feel like I am still on vacation, because the house that we are living looks like a resort room. It is a new house, it was owned by one of our Ninongs, they let us stay there. There is an aircon in every part of the room except the bathroom. We pay no rent, we only pay the utility bills.

We only have a ref, a washing machine and an oven, which we don't use. We only used the TV, we got them as gifts from Perfect Moment. Last week, we bought a matress, before we used to lie down on the floor with only a comforter as sheet.

My husband's family has their own helper who washes and irons the clothes plus cleans the house. They have an orderly house, I kinda miss our house, kasi mas magulo, mas masaya, though I like living there, nothing compares sa bahay namin.
Dito I have to always clean, clean as you go, though I didn't really have that attitude pero nasanay na ako. Burara daw ako sabi ni Mama ko, kaya hindi ako makapagkalat kila Irwin, mabuti na rin yun. Pero Irwin is makalat din, kung ako nga trying hard to be makalat siya makalat, pero siyempre they expect me to pick up the mess, kaya ayun, sinabihan ko si Irwin na iayos ang mga kalat nya.

I also told him na, if we are living in a different house, I could scold him at siya ang magliligpit ng kinain namin, well, the only thing that I do there is to wash the plates after eating, I like naman what I am doing except for the time na pagod na ako, and everyone watches "Kampanerang Kuba" ako naman kahit hindi ko panoorin basta lang makaligpit na ako at maka akyat na sa taas. Haay so pagkatapos ng Kuba dapat medyo tapos na rin akong magligpit. Monday's are hectic for me, kasi I still have to put the pressed clothes sa aparador at ayusin, minsan sa pagod, kinabukasan ko na gagawin, but I do not want to appear tamad naman, so kahit na pagod aayusin ko na.

Monday, July 11, 2005

False Pregnancy

Sayang, I thought I was pregnant:

I thought I was pregnant, I'm having 3 symptoms out of 10, I had three and none of them was the "missing the period" part, maybe I am just paranoid, in my desire to get pregnant, I am having pregnancy symptoms.

Every smells is repulsive, even the tiniest things, food that I used to love now suddenly taste so bland, o maarte lang ako? Hindi eh, hindi rin kaartehan.

I bought a pregnancy kit, and it is a negative, haay! kelan kaya ulit?
Next month na ulit?

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wawa naman sila mama, Irwin at Dita, they were with me, ang dami kong pala noh! Kasi Mama, was not able to have her photo taken with Jodi, Angel and Rosanne so eto sumama sya at least she has the time now.
Ang hirap palang maghintay at mag shooting, ewan ko kung paano nakakaya ng mga artista yung tuluy-tuloy na shooting. Siguro okey lang din kasi malaki naman ang bayad nila, pero sayang ang sarap pa naman mag stay sa bahay, one of those rainy days, quiet storm.
Chance pa naman namin to do our Project, hehehehe.

Rice, Adobo and Wintermelon

Eto ang lunch namin, galing ito sa Tamayo's. I was feeling kinda not so hungry kaya hindi ako gaanong nakakain, pero ang sarap nung gulay.

Cupcake-cake, lechon paksiw and pansit

Eto naman ang dinner namin, prepared for everybody, I had two of the cupcakes, a little rice and some lechon, kami lang ang may rice yung iba wala, kasi siyempre, favorite nila kami, hehehehe. There were a lot of times, na kasama namin sila, sa wedding and to think it is our one month anniversary! ang galing! tama ba ang term.

smile naman
I was the only one smiling, and dancing, kahit na low bat na ako, haay! Ang hirap talaga as in. Na umarte na everything is okey at hindi ka pagod, Sabi nila ako lang daw ang sumasayaw at nag smile siyempre game na game ako.
Pero alang hiya yung cameraman, pag nag focus yung dalawang katabi ko ang pinakikita, at ako mag isa lang, haay anyway at least, may exposure,

Ano na nga ba ang sinabi ko, they really inspired me to be my best, kahit tapos na ang wedding, parang it is an obligation to myself to look better, to take care of my skin, to be confident, and be the best, all the best. I owe it to them for giving me all this, I take everything as a blessing. Honestly, there was a time, I know nung hindi ko pa alam na they will choose me, I secretly wish na sana they would choose me, I needed that makeover, I needed that exposure, I am slowly losing myself. To loose myself is to think na I am not better, I look fat and ugly, I looked down on myself and that experience taught me a lot, I can be better, I can be the best!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Shooting na naman ng Perfect Moments

Haay! Just when we were trying to relax heto na naman at may
shooting na naman sa Perfect Moments. I had an haircut, really short,
Barbie's cradleish! hehehe, sabi ni Viols ng David's salon, well we have the
same shape of face, sana pa face na talaga!
Project B.A.B.Y

We've been married for like a month tomorrow!
And we plan to have a baby soon, but he got sick for a week,
I've got my period and now I'm waiting for my fertile weeks ahead.
Hope, we have all the energy to to the task, we're back to work
and sobrang nakakapagod talaga. Haay!
Hope we will have one soon.
Super Mommy in Law

Well, What can I say, I've got a Stepfordish mother-in-law,
she is so domesticated, sometimes I want to be like her.
She cooks great food, no wonder, Irwin is so big, as in sobrang asikaso
talaga sila. Haay! I wish I could learn how to cook like her.
Sobrang devoted sa pagiging housewife but she works, pero pagdating nya
she still manage to cook. Haay! Super talaga si Mommy, I love her!