Friday, November 30, 2007

Mastercard Commercial: My Favorite Things

This is the song by Julie Andrews that inspired me to use as my blog name. I discovered that it was used in the MasterCard commercial so I am going to have a similar list for this video. The actress name is Penelope Fortier for your added info. I found her myspace account when I was looking for info about her and she has a beautiful and sultry voice, wow! Here is a link and listen to her songs.

Riding Boots : $600
Vintage Helmet: $125
Dive Mask: $125
Zero Gravity Flight: $3700
Fencing Foil $97
Singing Lessons $183
Getting the most out of life:

Palawan List:
Hotel and Airfare Rate : P 5,500
Van Rental : P 2,500
Boat Rental : P 1,500
Lunch at Badjao Restaurant : P 3,500
Estrella Falls Tour : 40 per head
Pancit canton : P 180
Cheese Sticks : P 120
Being with my Family inspite of my
risky pregnancy :

Pregnancy List:
Cost of Dilation and curettage at Medical City : P 35,000
OB's Consulation Fee : P 350
Duphaston : 1980 for two weeks
Aspilet : 180 for 90 days
Folic Acid : 210 for 30 days
Ultrasound : 980
APAS blood check at PGH : 4,500
Immunology's Consultation Fee : 700 at Asian Hospital
A Live baby after nine months:

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gingersnap Sale!!!

For mommies out there check out Gingersnaps Warehouse Sale at Eusebio Drive, Pasig City. Sale starts today till December 22. You will get the cheapest price for all the Gingersnap clothesline, highest price for their clothes is only 250.00. Believe, me a lot of mommies are there now trying to hoard all the clothes! I went home because I feel tired and will just go back tomorrow. I am reserving my energy for tomorrow! Sale here I come!

Travelogue: Palawan Underground River

Giant Mushroom!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to join them for this trip nevertheless, I am uploading pictures of their trip to underground river, it looks exciting, navigating the river into the cave and see the rock formation. Going there takes around 90 minutes passing through a rough road, and then arriving at a beach and loading a boat into the river, they look like real tourists right? *sigh* Look at their happy faces! They are all having a good time!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Travelogue: Puerto Princesa, Palawan

I was on vacation last Friday till yesterday, our entire family went to Palawan to celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary. I was anxious before the trip because I got my ultrasound result and it indicated that I had a minimal subchrionic hemorrage and that travelling is not allowed. Pero matigas ang ulo ko and I thought to myself that we planned this a long, long time ago at hindi pa ako sasama. In the end, I did go with them. I never regret that decision, I was able to get a full rest in the hotel and now I am back to work and I did not have any spotting or bleeding.

Our flight was at 8:00 and we arrived at Puerto Princesa an hour later, first stop is a lunch prepared by my father's friend in Narra, Palawan it was a two and a half hour drive from Puerto Princesa. We were already hungry so at 11:00 am we ordered food at Jollibee and arrived at Narra around 1:30 pm good thing we had eaten something.

First Stop: Estrella Falls, Narra, Palawan

We went to Estrella Falls, it was a ten kilometer rough road drive to the falls.
It rained before we went there so the steps were a little slippery and the road was wet but we were able to see the falls and took some pictures, here are some shots of the falls shown above.
It was a relaxing place, sana if we arrived earlier and if it did not rained, baka naligo pa kami sa falls, ang lamig siguro ng tubig. Brrr. Sight seeing na lang ang pwedeng gawin..

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mad Labs, Yawning, Eggs and Redheads

Mad Labs

I was watching Mad Labs in the National Geographics Channel and there are some interesting new findings that I want to share

Humpty Dumpty Egg
First test they did is to find out how strong an egg is; they discovered that you could crush the egg crosswise with your hand but not lengthwise. They tried to test it scientifically by putting a wood on top of a crosswise egg and a lengthwise egg; it took 3 kilos of weight to crush the crosswise egg and ten kilos of weight to break it up. Why? Because if an egg is in lengthwise position, it is like dome and the pressure is on the bottom part and provides a foundation, dome structure like the Araneta Coliseum is likewise strong. So come to think of it, our fingers can exert pressure as heavy as a 3-kilo weight. Interesting.

Some like it Red
Next one is the pain threshold for redheads, it seems that redheads feel less pain than those who are not particularly the blondes. They tried to test it in a laboratory by trying to measure the pain threshold of subjects with a red hair, blonde and brown, they place a device that increasingly heats up and puts them in the subjects skin, if the heat is intolerable they will signal the experimenter so the experimenter could stop the heat. Redheads feel less pain and have a higher threshold than non-redheads. Why, because ordinarily if we feel pain our brain would produce substance in our brain called endorphins to counteract the pain but there is also another substance that regulates the release of endorphins, for the redheads this substance that regulates is diminished or releases a minimal substance so they would feel less pain.
Seriously, they will not feel the pain until their skin is burned or not feel alarmed if they get hit in the head unless blood is oozing out. As I observed this can also be true for the fair and dark skinned people. If you have fair skin you are more likely to feel the heat of the sun but for dark skinned people, they can tolerate it, I do not know this is just my own theory not by National Geographics.

Yawning is contagious
Third test is on yawning; this is one phenomenon that has no explanation yet until this one, they tried to test scientifically of course the reason for yawning. According to studies, looking at a picture of a person yawning, a video or just reading a word like yawn is enough to make a person yawn. For children below 6 years old, they do not have this capability to yawn. Children presented with video of a yawning adult do not cause yawning in children. In an experiment, they tried to show subjects a video of a person yawning and from a one-way-mirror they tried to count how many times the subjects yawn. People have different rates for yawning, after watching the video those who yawns more are believed to have more empathy, the capability to feel what the other person is feeling so yawning is like a social behavior that signals “ I know what you feel”. Incidentally, after writing this down and watching TV of people yawning, I did not yawn at all, I want to disagree that I have no empathy, but I am not sleepy, I just woke up and feeling active. I think people yawn because they may found something not interesting or boring or it depends on the situation, for a relaxed atmosphere or where there is a routine task, I think you are most likely to yawn, but for highly charged emotions like watching horror films, I think you do not have time to yawn even if presented with a yawning video. Maybe I am right I can also be wrong.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

December Seems So Far Away

For someone like me living one day at a time, December seems so very very far, I have no plans beyond tomorrow, I have to be careful of my each step and watchful of my emotions, because a slight change in my emotion or a little drop of my immune system can trigger and may cause the loss of my new baby. I am careful yet welcome of anything that could happen to me, for once in my life I am letting God decide for my fate, It is not a deal or no deal, He Knows what is best for me and whatever it is God only knows, so I will live my life one day at a time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Easy Money

I have a lot of good news today, first my bloggerwave post was approved and secondly my payperpost post is also approved, so that is around 30 dollars for two posts. Easy money right, so what are you waiting for, there's real money in blogging. Maybe you're next problem would be how to withdraw them right? Maybe I'll think of what I'll do with it later.

My 5 week old baby

Okey here is a sneak peak of my ultrasound, 5 weeks na si baby, my second pregnancy in a year, so this is my newest baby. Baka kasi nagtampo yung nauna, I didn't post the sonogram, kaya heto, I am pregnant so I have to be ultra careful and watch my steps, eat right, sleep well, be worry free and healthy because you can only have a healthy baby with a healthy mom right?

I have subchrionic hemorrage, no cause for worry naman daw, usual daw iyon sa mga pregnant women, but I had a miscarriage last August lang, so talagang careful na ako ngayon. I would say that this pregnancy is going to be not easy, since I always feel tired and sleepy, hungry and super lazy. Haay, sana I can stop working, pero mababato lang ako sa bahay, super active ako, maybe one reason why I lost my first baby, pero now I make it a point to stop and rest.

I wonder nga eh, I used to worry a lot, now parang I can't access that part of my brain for worrying, parang I have no care at all unlike before na super praning talaga ako. Now, I never get affected by hearsay or anything, deadma, basta ako I am going to have this baby, queber ko sa kanila.

Maybe this child is a fighter, so we will fight together, Aja! Aja! Kapit lang anak, it is going to be a loooong journey!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Pupung and Friends Pinoy Fast Food Resto

Yesterday we went to Mall of Asia to watch Beowulf on IMAX cinema, we do not usually go there because we are living in Pasig and MOA is in Pasay, it is very far from our place. We were looking for a new resto to try and so we've seen Pupung and Friends accidentally, since I am not so familiar with MOA all I can remember is that this resto is beside an escalator and another new restaurant KKK.

The Food
We ordered Rib Eye Pork Steak which costs 125.00 including java rice and a glass of ice tea. We also ordered halo-halo.

They also offer, tapa, liempo, longanisa, bangus belly, bbq tuna in sticks, breaded porkchop.

For drinks, they have guinumis (cold drink with coconut milk), halo-halo and buko pandan. They also have green mango ensalada, tinuktuk??? and laing.

The Cost
An order of a meal would cost around 70-88 pesos, their highest price of food is the pork steak. Drinks costs aroubd 16-25 pesos for soda and ice tea.
Other sidings you could order for 10.00 or 15.00 or 25.00 like laing or pinakbet.
Extra rice cost 12.00 and java rice costs 16.00.

The Ambience

It looks a little crowded and they cannot accommodate all the people coming in so the tendency is to look for another restaurant nearby. Their design is a big tarpaulin on the wall of Pupung and Friends comics, plus they wrap another comics tarpaulin in one of the big posts. They even use it to decorate their lampshape with Pupung and Friends cartoons.

It takes a while for your order to arrive, around 15-20 minutes, but if you ordered breaded porkchop it is readily available, if it needs to be barbequed you have to wait. Though we did not order porkchop, you can see it in their counter that it is already prepared. Maybe it is just their soft opening so they are a little slow.

The concept

Their menu is not new but their concept it, they named their food after the character in the comics, the decoration I think is original. They do not need a lot of advertisement because there is a lot of walk-in clients. They may be familiar with Pupung and Friends and the food is cheap.

I would give them a rating of 6 out 10, because I like what we ordered, but it is not a candidate for my favorite reataurant. You might just try it but nothing will make you come back, maybe the price or maybe if there is a long line in other resto.
The food is similar with Binalot and other street resto offering tapsi and breakfast meal. Maybe in one year they need to add, french fries, spaghetti, carbonara, and other food and maybe name it Pupung and Friends in Italy or France or America so you can order a burger. Hehehehe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother-Mariel

Among the housemates, kay Mariel ako nagagandahan, she has this natural flawless beauty . She seems childish though and sometimes she seems innocent that some people would find very "maarte". And I've been reading my social psychology book and according to it really looks are really deceiving, it is hard to judge someone, lalo na you have preconceived ideas. Meaning you've heard something about this person and it affects your perception of that person. We also could have different opinions for a single thing, some of you may agree with what I said about Mariel and some would disagree and some are just neutral.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Long Wait is Over for PayPerPost

Yesterday, I was so so tired and wanted to rest, truly after feeling down for a while you will have good news. The good news is... *drum roll please* PayPerPost approved my blog! Yeheeey! I can write anything about any topic I want and get paid for it too. I just hope that I can find some time to write, I have some free time because my class is only on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thurdays and Saturdays.

Isn't that amazing! It's like the whole universe is conspiring to give me time to post some paid blog ads.

I've been reading a lot about payperpost and I was almost close to giving up when it came unexpectedly. There are some mommy bloggers out there that I know like Peachy and Aggie that are already earning and some are stay at home moms and they get excited everytime they get an approved opportunity.

I've been reading their blog and really find it hard to believe that by signing with PayPerPost and write about blog ads they can save and buy good stuffs for them.

Really, it pays so I thought that maybe I should try it too. You just need a paypal account so PayPerPost can pay the bloggers or posties for payperpost members. I never hesitated to try and be a member since I've been reading about it and they actually get paid.

I also read some blogs waiting for their approval from PayPerPost, well, do not lose hope, keep on trying and write on your blog, who knows one of these days, you'll check your mail and find that your blog is also approved. What are you waiting for? Sign up for PayPerPost now!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tiring, Tiring So Tiring Day

Bad Day today, so tired of walking, I enrolled in my masteral course and took two subjects, I have to go several stairs up and go down again and then route my clearance sa library, accounting, clinic and finally sa Graduate School. *Sigh* Nakakainis pa yung service namin, iniwan ba naman ako kasi nagbayad ng nawasa nila, grabe, eto na naman ako, na disillusioned na naman, as if hindi ako sanay sa mga ganito. Wala lang kasi yung mga taong akala mo na matitino, yun pala may mga katarantaduhan rin na tinatago, sana hindi mo na lang madidiscover diba?

Kainis talaga, gobyerno talaga, rationalization ko na lang, it happens everywhere, kahit din ako ginagawa ko rin siguro yun, kaya huwag na lang akong magdamdam. Nakakainis lang...

Tapos kung kelan ka pagod saka ka gagawa sa bahay, haay, wrong timing.. ang hirap pala noh...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm sure a lot of you already know Bloggerwave . I've been to a lot of blogs where they make money and this is another site where you can earn more. This site is gaining popularity to bloggers like me who wants to earn money and I've seen many online bloggers who have signed up to it.
"Bloggerwave have set up a dedicated server to handle the traffic and to strengthen their back office, they are now focused on their clients, partnerships and getting more opportunities and assignments to bloggers”, as the Managing Director of Bloggerwave said.

This is a great opportunity for me as a blogger to make money while enjoying what I like to do most. Signing up is easy, they accept any blogs from all over the world. Do not worry about page ranks so this is good for us starting how to make money while blogging.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Review: The Excelsior Spa - Galleria-ear candling



We tried the Egyptian Ear Candling Technique that is suppose to relieve people from swimmers ear, fatigue, headache and cold. They claimed it is also helpful in removing hardened ear wax and would help you hear better.

The Ear candling costs around 700.00 for a 30 minute back massage and 15 minute each ear for the ear candling.


After the massage, they will insert a cone candle into your ear, it is around 9-12 inches long, they would then insert a board down the candle near the ear to prevent the candle residue from pouring over your ear. Imagine in a procession, to prevent burning your hand you will put a cardboard right?

This is supposedly what is inside your ear, we did saw these things and "believed" that it is the earwax from our ear.

The massage is relaxing, the spa is cozy, it makes you sleepy, the facilities are clean and it has a sauna and bath.

Caution, the whole procedure literally burned our ear! We have to see a doctor the next day because of a very hurtful ear. I even have to take an antibiotic because I got an infected ear from the burn. I even have to buy two kinds of eardrops, one for the taking out the remnants of the candle to make it loose and one for the infection.

Imagine, I was taking CELEBREX which costs 70 each to take away the pain.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Medical City

We went to The Medical City this morning and the service elevator was not working, if you parked at the basement, you have to wait in line to ride the elevator, ang haba ng pila. We were on B2 so pagdating pa lang sa floor namin wala nang space kaya pinasasakay na kami going down even if we are going up. So ang nangyayari, sa B3 puno na rin, no way na makakasakay pa ang nasa B2. I have to go to HMI to have my thyroid checked baka kasi isa siyang cause ng miscarriage ko eh. Kaya lang all the doctors are for appointment only, kaya tatawag pa ako sa Monday to schedule my checkup.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother

Minsan ko lang mapanood ang Pinoy Big Brother pero aliw ako talaga kagabi when the boys entertained the girls for the Girl's Night Out. Kakatuwa yung dance number nila. Hahaha! :) Ang kulet! Akala ko naka underwear lang sila yun pala naka shorts sila. Bigla ko tuloy naalala si Megan, yung nahulog siya sa bola the other day, when they were playing the human bowling. Ang arte kasi, ano kaya ang style ng buhay niya nasa loob lang siya ng bahay nila, di siya pinalalabas? I wonder bigla, meron pa palang ganun???? So I thought para siyang si Paris Hilton na richie girl na walang alam gawin hundi mag-makeup at mag pose sa camera.
Speaking of Pinoy Big Brother, I remembered Rizza Santos hawig siya ng cousin ng husband ko. Here I posted their picture, do they look alike? Plus Amgirl pa itong cousin ni Irwin, they speak the same pa. Haay, sana pag nagka-anak ako ng girl kasing ganda ni Tawny at Riza Santos.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Our Friends from OZ

Ninang Irene, Mam Cecil, Ethel and Leo, Me and IRwin

This is a picture taken during Ethel and Leo's visit to the Philippines last September, kasagsagan ng ZET scandal sa Pilipinas. Their love story is almost like a prayer come true. Maybe if you are almost 30 something and still not married, mag worry ka din diba? Then suddenly biglang may pinadala sa iyo si Lord, wow! Hanep ang galing ni Lord. A love that you cannot imagine, a partner na mabait that takes all your blues away.
Mam Ethel was my boss during my IT days, dalawa lang kami sa department namin and I was a witness to their love until they got married. We were married the same year, 2005. Pero nauna sila becoz they have to go to Australia. After two years they were able to visit again. I got a very nice pasalubong from them, I got a thermal bag na color pink and silver, Irwin got a boomerang, authentic Australian boomerang crafted by aborigines or natives of Australia.

Ay ang mga Pilipino talaga, di pinatawad si Leo, ninakawan ba naman sa Clark! Grabe noh? Onli in the Philippines, hmm, maybe not kahit saang country naman ata merong pick pockets. Right? Pero sana ma-eliminate na ito.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Bridesmaid's Wedding

She is my bridesmaid during my wedding and she is my sister-in-law,
Haay, I did booked Eddie Bruan for our makeup and look how wonderful her makeup is, so sobrang hinayang talaga ako kasi I did booked Eddie Bruan for my wedding di naman sila ang nagmakeup sa akin, yung taga ABS. Haay, tama na ang regrets.

This one naman is Diane, cousin nila. I was so cranky during the duration of the preps to the actual wedding kaya eto lang ang matinong picture, my gown was sira pa sira pa ang zipper, kaya I really wanted to rest after the wedding. yun pala I was pregnant na nung wedding, kaya siguro pagod ako lagi.
Anyways, the wedding was Ok kahit na si Diane lang ang coordinator, siyempre tumulong din kami and the rest of the relatives. There are some glitches, actually marami rin, pero kalimutan na lang ang lahat ng iyon.

Monday, November 05, 2007

iWhite Whitening Product

I am currently using the whole product range of iwhite from Korea, effective sya for removing blackheads and whiteheads, may one month na rin akong gumagamit, kaya lang dumadami ang pimples ko, sabi ni husband, baka raw dry ang skin ko, so we bought the moisturizer, ngayon I happen to check for the site ng iwhite, pero wala akong nakita, not sure talaga kung made in Korea nga siya. Baka naman iba ang name?

So eto, I will post the news from the online newspaper na nagtry na ng iwhite.


I am surrounded by dozens of relatives and friends, pre- and post-teens. Unlike of those generations past, this present generation seems to be getting more and more obsessed with skin whitening lotions. Is it because of the preponderance of deceitful marketing schemes of commercial products that promise but don’t deliver what they promise?

In the olden days, there were complimentary terms like, kayumangging-kaligatan, translates to the very desirable "olive" complexion. This was preferred to the white, Caucasian skin. This is a darker shade of the mediterranean skin. Most flattering when applied to the Filipina complexion.

UNTV had a dermatologist on. The female moderators of "What’s up Doc" wanted so much to learn how to maintain white, fair skin despite the tropical sun during sunny days. The major concern of these female broadcast journalists should have been more on skin cancer or ultraviolet rays on the retina. But having white skin was the expressed main concern.

These women reminded me of a young niece who asked if she should bleach her skin whiter like all of her friends are doing. My reply to my niece, and my message to the white skin-obsessed females at "What’s up, Doc":

If you’re born with beautiful features; your eyes sparkle from inner happiness and goodness, you can be shades more brown, and you would still be good-looking and desirable. We all have seen some really homely white-skinned Caucasian women, and their white skin did not help their appearance.

I lived in the Caribbean in South America. It was there where I saw some of the most beautiful women with perfect world-class facial features, and they were all had dark mahogany-skin. Some of them shaved their heads to show more of their profiles, faces, good skin. Bald and oh so beautiful!

I asked my niece if she thought I would look better "if my skin were two shades whiter. Do you think I’d be uglier if my skin were a few shades darker?" She answered no to both questions. I think I made her realized that lighter or darker skin really has nothing to do with looking good.

That ended the need to bleach, to dangerously whiten the Filipino skin which these TV female personalities seem to be endorsing–the whiter the better.

Recently, I counted more than a dozen whitening products in the drugstore shelves. I wanted to put one to test to make a case. I bought (P140.00) a tube of the product "iWhite Korea."

On the tube reads: Skin Whitening Vita Aqua Moisturing Cream with Mulberry and Panax Ginseng Root Extracts Plus Green Tea Leaf Extract. Light Cool Soothing Oil-free. Bio Nanotechnology. 1.76 oz (50 g.)"

On its skin-whitening capability, it claims, "The perfect combination of Mulberry Extract to shiten shin discoloration, Green Tea Extract and Vitamins ACE to protect skin against cellular damage and premature aging. Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 for elasticity and firmness of the

skin plus emollients makes iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream the ideal choice for all skin types."

I applied the cream on the left side of my neck, shoulder and arm morning and night after showers. I’ve been doing this for about 50 days now. It is evident that there is no chance at all in color, shade, or texture between my left neck and shoulder and my right side neck and shoulder.

If iWhite has been ineffective after 50 days of twice-daily application, then there must be nothing to it. If iWhite is so ineffective, why is it doing a booming business enriching the Bio-cosys Corporation of San Juan? Doesn’t the BFAR or Dept. of Health worry about ineffective drugs allowed to stay in the market?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Eto Na Naman

Ewan ko ba, eto binago ko na naman ang blog ko, hindi ako makuntento sa color, para kasing ang dilim ng blue eh, I am not feeling blue naman, so ginawa kong Santa theme, pero ang hirap i-manage, so balik ako ulet sa blogger, nag-upload nga ako sa wordpress, mas ok siyang gamitin, i was able to upload all my posts from a lot of sites. Kaya lang what will I do with this one. So eto balik ako ulet sa blogger, haay, talagang ayaw ko ng nagbabakasyon, kung anu-ano ang naiisip ko. Sana last na ito.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Shopping Day Today

Ang haba ng bakasyon, sana pala I went to Pangasinan to visit my dead relatives, kaya lang diba it was so hot last Nov 1, ang init sobra. Nagpunta na rin tuloy sila sa Baguio at Hundred Island. Haay, sayang, okey na rin.

So ngayon, after staying in the house for so many days, nag shopping na lang kami ni Irwin. I bought, a blouse, an anion pantiliners and a shades from Bayo. Cute nga ng shades ah. May nabili pala akong pouch bag din from Egg.
Etong Anion na pantiliners, sinadya pa namin sa Starmall because direct selling ito, hindi nabibili sa supermarket or department store. Popularly known as Love Moon, eto yung napkin na pwede mong gamitin ng isang buong araw. Meron siyang negative ion that would absord all the positive ions, positive ions parang mga free radicals in your body. Nakaka-alis ng dysmenorrhea, at pms if you have your period. I bought the pantiliners, 30 pieces costs 190.00 pesos.

This is the shades I bought naman from Bayo. Naku, I tried to wear a similar shades na pinahiram ng sis ko sa Tagaytay, when I smile umaangat, eto rin umaangat, pero I tried to practice smiling na hindi sya aangat. hehehe. It comes with a very durable and sleeky case.

This is what I bought from Egg, sale ito, dating 245.00 naging 100.00 na lang. So why not buy, cute lang, mura lang.

So before we tried to shop, kumain muna kami.
Everytime we go to Hypermart we always buy yung tempura with rice na 69 pesos, at saka FutoMaki costing around 55, plus kanina sa Megamall meron din nun, at may bago sila yung calamares na binebenta sa kalye meron na sa loob ng Megamall, 15 pesos, 5 pieces ang galing. Nakakatuwa, same price din siya nung sa kalye, pero ito mas malinis.

Tipid kami kasi we will have to pay for the stud service ni Cassie bukas, 2500 rin yun.
Haay ang Cassie, naghahanap na ulet ng lalaki, in heat kung baga.
Ganun pala, fertile sila looking for a mate,
para ring tao.

Friday, November 02, 2007

False Pregnancy

Pseudocyesis also known as False Pregnancy, can cause many of the signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy, and can resemble the condition in every way except for fetal presence. Other names include - spurious pregnancy, feigned pregnancy, imaginary pregnancy, hysterical pregnancy, phantom pregnancy and grossesse nerveuse ("mental pregnancy"). John Mason Good coined the term pseudocyesis from the Greek words pseudes (false) and kyesis (pregnancy) in 1923. False pregnancy is common in many mammals and is a method of providing milk for the group's offspring, most often cats, dogs, and rabbits.

Well, kakatapos ko lang manuod ng Bad Couple, it is a Korean comedy drama, tapos yung lead actress single siya na gusto niyang magkaroon ng anak pero ayaw nya ng asawa. Nakakatuwa because she has to find the best sperm in the whole of Korea so when she finally found the man, she deviced some ways para magkakilala sila at mabuntis siya nito. Hahahaha! Pina-inom niya ng tonic drink, siguro para yung Rhino na binebenta sa Watson at drug store. So iyon, may mangyari sa kanya, tapos after a month nag pregnancy test siya, nagkaroon siya ng hallucination na buntis siya, when she looked at the preg test. Hehehehe. She had similar symptoms of being pregnant except wala siyang baby, from being napapagod, nasusuka, weight gain etc. Pero after a month, nagka period siya, gulat siya tuloy.
Kakatuwa, as for me, gone are the days when I think na pregnant ako, pag nadelay ang period ko, magkaka-anak ako kung magkaka-anak ako. Basta, bahala na si Lord.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Matandang Dalaga, Spinster or Old Maid

I am currently working on my thesis and need participants for my study on this. You don't need to be an old maid to be a participant but you have to be single. So if you know any one who can be a participant, please refer to them the questionnaires located in the link

or so they could email them to me at