Monday, November 07, 2011

The Truth About IPL Underarm Removal

Ensogo Dermstrata

Metrodeal Body Accent

Recently I have read a lot of reviews on the promo of several group buying sites to name Ensogo's Dermstrata and my personal experience with Metrodeal's Body Accent.

It seems true that they tried to reduce the price of the service and also reduce the amount of shots for the IPL. I used to have the IPL hair removal way back when it was still expensive and new in the market. It costs me 3,000 pesos for both underarm and I had two sessions with acceptable result. I remember that they performed multiple shots in my underarm that's why I have less underarm hair. Then recently, in a Sunday show, Salamat Doc that features Dra. Vicky Belo and the topic is IPL hair removal, I have seen that they used multiple shots and then it dawned on me that when I availed the Metrodeal's IPL removal, I had a total of 4 shots! I asked the lady who performed the IPL and she explained that the hair that was targeted with the light will also be removed.
After that, I really plan of asking her to take pictures of my underarm to be proof that 4 shots is not effective in getting rid of the hair.
Sometimes, these promos are deceiving especially for beauty services.


Julia said...

The good news is that the price of a laser hair removal is affordable now, and this way people are encouraged to have it done.

This hair removal method has no rival because it's the only one that can provide long lasting results.

I was very lucky to get a coupon as a birthday present from my friends at one of the best laser hair removal clinic in Toronto and I had my underarms done in just 6 sessions:)
Now all I want is a long lasting result, nothing more:D

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. Add to that Metrodeal's D'Spa Skin Center. P299 worth P3000 for underarm IPL. But they gave me 3 shots only! So deceiving. Does this mean if I pay for P3000 ill get 3 shots too. They should change their ad lines!

Beibi said...

There are similar sentiments on the laser hair removal so we should watch out for these promo.

BacsMD said...

Do understand that IPL lamps comes in different sizes.certain settings and parameters are met for each type of skin/hair. Before, IPL lamps were made small,so one gets many shots to hit all hairy area. It was also expensive bec. lamps are consummable- charged 500-600peso/shot. Nowadays- it's easier to do the job because lamps sizes can be as wide- half the size of your armpit, less shots, cheaper charge and quicklier done.
Whether you got 3 shots or more for each underarm- the goal is safety and deliver heat only to the target hair follicles.It's easy to burn a hair but too bad to burn a skin by overdoing it.If a hair is burned,it's burned,it certainly wouldn't grow back. That's why repeat sessions are required to completely take care of the other groups of hair coming out. Lucky for those who can't afford! Coz you still get a cheaper price rather than having a temporary monthly wax or shave.
All patients treated got one thing in common-less and less hair until loss of hair attained for a cheap deal!

Anonymous said...

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Allan said...

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Unknown said...

I've been undergoing IPL sessions for the 8th time now. So Far there have been Good Visible Results. I recommend Micara Clinic located at Vignet Building Eastwood. They have an Outstanding Service. I am receiving almost around 15 shots per underarm every session so I can say that its all worth it. I availed my Voucher from Metrodeal.

Rustam Sayal said...

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