Thursday, November 19, 2009

Property Management

I have an aunt living in the United States who has several property here in the Philippines. We are currently managing two apartments and a house here in the Philippines. We would collect the rent and inspect the house for any repairs or maintenance. Little did I know that this method of inspecting and looking for tenants, managing properties are full blown business organizations in the United States.

The practice of Real Property Management in the United States is a big business. Home owners can have the opportunity to have their property managed by these firms and all you have to do is sit down and wait for collection. They will take care all of the administrative stuffs and hassles of doing the maintenance and collection yourself. They will look for tenants for your property and also perform a credit and criminal background check of the tenants.

How interesting. I have a friend who do just that, she has no permanent job and all she has to do is look for tenants, even sell real estates and property and other stuff. I ever I win in the lotto draw I would buy some property and enrol it in a real property management firm. That will be easy for me.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gingersnap Sale- November 16 to December 29

This is the Armal Compound Gate.
Their banner, on the right side of the road coming from Luis St. or M. Eusebio.
This is M. Eusebio ST.
Here is a map of the Armal Compound I've taken a snapshot from google maps. Just look for Armal Compound.

One of the benefit of living is Pasig is being close to a lot of Warehouse Sale. Yesterday since I went to my parents house we passed through the advertisement of Gingersnap for their annual sale.
So this morning, I went there at 9:30 am and I already see a lot of warehouse "raiders" with their chosen gingersnap clothes. Ang daming magaganda napili na nila. I was already within the area at 7:30 pero hindi pa ako nagpunta, sayang talaga. Anyway, I still got some bargained merchandise na magaganda rin.. Agawan lang talaga. Super dami, if I can't control myself, I would get them all.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kiara Singing Lovers in Paris Theme

I've been watching Lovers in paris since it started and even tried to teach Kiara the song. Hehehehe. Galing ni baby ko..