Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Remembering Baguio

It is quite rainy today and yesterday, reminds of the weather in Baguio when we went there last June. It was raining in the afternoon and it stopped at night. So what else can we do but curl and lay in bed during the rainy aftrnoons. But when the night strikes, we put on our jackets and head straight to Kaffee Klatsch. It was a discovery actually, recommended by one of a young professors attending our seminar.
Off we go and try out this secluded coffee place to taste thier famous Baguio Beans.

Hmm. I could still smell it. It brings me back to the cozy place, acoustic music and the coolness of Baguio. Hot Coffee. Coolness.

Chuck and Irwin

Chuck is the newest Tv Series in NBC and Irwin was able to download it. I was not interested when he was watching it so I did not watched it with him. Yesterday, with nothing else to do, I tried to watch it. Geeks and Nerds! Maybe we are a bunch of nerds.
Now I understand why he liked it, Irwin is Chuck, my very own computer geek, nerd, wizard, expert whatever else you call him. For those who doesn't know him he looks like a Chinese businessman or someone working at a bank, but he solves big problem. He has a lot of databases in his head, just like Chuck. He is the master downloader. He is the idol of his colleague, I never met someone who surpasses his expertise in computer.

Speaking of nerds, maybe we are nerds, me included. I remember one time when we were in the hospital, it was early in the morning and we were discussing "The Theory of Evolution". My sister, Dulce who was also in the hospital cannot believe what she was hearing. With no breakfast yet, we were discussing big topics. She said that " hindi ko matake ito, masyadong intellectual!". After saying that we all laughed, and stopped the discussion and shifted to more common topics like breakfast.
"Gutom lang yan."

Now, I married a computer expert and he married a psychophilic. I wonder what would become of our children.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Having a Baby and Losing It

It's been six weeks since I had a D & C, they keep on saying this without telling me what it is. So I checked the internet and found out that D and C refers to dilatation and curettage. "It is a procedure in which the vaginal canal is held open with a speculum and the cervix is dilated with a metal rod. A curette is then passed through the cervical canal into the uterine cavity where endometrial tissue is scraped away and collected for examination."

I was so innocent with what happened to me, I didn't remember that a speculum was inside me, I thought it was just a bad dream. I never imagine it could fit inside, I also could not imagine the OB's hand fitting inside my vagina, hmm of course how can the baby get out?

Now after six weeks of resting ang recovering I am starting over. Trying to forget that I lost my baby. But I was not completely well I guess. Recently, I watched "Paano Kita Iibigin" and I was crying and affected by the movie when I saw a mother taking care of a sick child. Will I ever be a mother again?

Now, I am focused on parenting our Shih Tzu dog, Cassie and I am trying hard to be a good pet owner to her. I realized that if "you give a little love, it all comes back to you". This quote is for everybody including animals, after bonding with Cassie and making her sleep, she is starting to cuddle me and stay beside my side of bed. Cassie likes Irwin more because he plays with Cassie so they sleep together but not with me. I am surprised when Cassie for the longest time finally sleep beside me.

I am confident that I am going to be a good mother.