Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Gangnam Wings: Megamall Review

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This is Kiara inside the Gangnam Chicken store, beside this luminated chicken are the soju bottles. I do not know if this is for display purposes or this is the one that they serve.

They have an everyday promo from Monday to Sunday though we did not try any promo.
This is a pancake vegetable that we ordered for our Toddler, Arya since she is a picky eater. She only ate the egg. This pancake vegetable is full of stalks.
We ordered their original recipe chicken and I am going to compare the way it was cooked and taste, I would prefer Bon Chon and Kyo Chon.
This is another facade of the restaurant.
Kiara, Irwin and Arya on another side of the store.


Ambience: 4.5 They have a dim light, conducive for eating and relaxing, it was actually relaxing because they have soft Korean music, though you do not know the lyrics unless you speak Korean you will not mind the sound. Their decorations is also perfect for a photo backdrop because their wall has several mixture of colors.

Food: 3.5 I like the chicken that we ordered but I might try their other entree still on Metrodeal.

Service: We went there around 2-3 pm on a Saturday and there were not enough customer so they have acceptable service.

Comfort Room: shared needs a little cleaning and supply of tissue.