Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Favorite Kiara Pictures

This is my all time favorite look of Kiara, I don't know.. she really looks so happy and contented. A child is really a blessing and I thank the Lord everyday and for as long as I live for giving me my Kiara.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's Kiara's Christening!

I created several invitations for Kiara's baptism but the storage was inaccessible. Nasira yung hard drive where we stored it. So eto na lang ang natira. Haay, Kiara's baptism was last Sunday, kasabay ng birthday ng MIL ko.

It was a blast I guess, several people went to the reception, more than 170 according to the caterer. Eh ang food lang is good for 150 so sobrang dami talaga ng guests. We had it dito lang sa bahay.Kaya yung mga neighbors isang pamilya kung magpunta compared if you had it elsewhere. Anyways, naubos ang food which is good kasi suwerte raw, we are happy marami ang dumating to celebrate with Kiara.
It was also the 60th birthday of Lola Precy, mommy ni Irwin at mabait kong biyenan

Kiara's gown was a hand me down from her cousins sa side ni Irwin. All of her clothes were mostly hand me downs. We didn't buy any clothes for her except siguro yung 3 pieces na onesies from SM.
In good condition pa naman yung mga baby clothes na galing sa cousin ni Irwin saka branded sila that's why they kept it, pinapa-laundry pa nila.

We ordered these two cakes from Kitchen Kraft located at Samat cor. Calbayog, Mandaluyong City. The two cakes cost 5,000, Kiara's cake with the cupcakes were 3K and the other cake is 2K.

They have what they call lollies, these are cookies with different designs, other loliies are white chocolate, each costs 40 pesos.
The cupcakes cost 39 pesos each. It was a chocolate cake, masarap naman, there is a two-inch styro at the bottom to make the cake look tall.

Hindi na nga nai-display yung cake sa dami ng bisita wala nang table for the cake, nung umuwi na ang mga ilang guest at nagkaroon ng space saka lang naidisplaly. We also sang a birthday song for my MIL.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Charice Pempengco - Celine Dion Duet : Because You Loved Me

I remember this song when I was still working in Bayantel in 1998 and I was the secretary of Mr. Mario Carlo Nepomuceno, the VP for Human Resources.
We had a Christmas Party at ABS-CBN with the executives like Gabby Lopez, Federico Garcia, Mr. Cruz and Charo Santos.
There was a contest where you have to sing a song in a videoke and the person who got the highest score will win a price.

This is the song that I sang. I was nervous and so I sang out of tune. I was not the winner. Nevertheless, I made it till the last note. This was my favorite because I also like Celine Dion and the movie of Michelle Piffer and Robert Redford.

And hearing Charice sing this song at ka-duet pa niya si Celine Dion, wow! She must be in heaven.