Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Worried With Crossed Eyes

Example HTML page I am really worried over Kiara having a cross eyes or am I just exaggerating? Anyway, we will visit a pedia opthalmologist this Friday at the Medical City, to have her eyes checked and to lessen my worry.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So They Call it A Bug Shield

Example HTML page My neighbor has a yellow Civic which they customized to look like a race car. I've been wondering for a very long time what is that black thing on the hood called. I really thought it was just a form of style or "arte". I never thought it could serve a purpose for a car. So they call it a bug shield, now I know. I am not into cars like Irwin, who knows what that is. I am more interested in the car colors maybe because I do not know how to drive. Just last Sunday, we were at Megamall and Kiara was looking at some kid's motorcycle and it really crossed my mind, that my baby girl will be driving her car when she grows up. Just this morning I thought of buying my own car that I can bring to work, and then later Kiara can drive it too. Well, she will be old by then including me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Call Center Agents and AIDS

Example HTML page In a recent study on the Young Professional's Lifestyle in Manila and Cebu by UP, results showed that from the sample of the respondents there is a high risk of acquiring AIDS. AIDS is usually transmitted through sharing of needles when you are doing drugs and through sex. There is an increase of this disease in gay men and there is a perception that there is an abundance of gay men in call centers. Though the reaction of the call center agents on HIV/AIDS virus is negative, because they claimed that not all call center are sexually active. The lifestyle of the call center may have encourage the active sexual lifestyle. If you acquired AIDS it will not be covered by a health insurance. As much as possible, not only for call center agents, for all people in general, it is safe to be monogamous and not have sex with a lot of partners. People with AIDS usually do not know they have the disease unless they are tested for AIDS. In a study by PGH, doctors voluntarily requested call center agents to be tested with AIDS and from those who responded to the free AIDS test, they concluded that from those tested only a few are HIV positive. Still this is not enough to be calm when it comes to the issue of AIDS. With all the available information on AIDS, the government should also make a nationwide campaign to prevent this disease.

Claudine Baretto, Kris Aquino and Liposuction

Photo from abs-cbn.com Photo by Beauty Bento Box Photo Courtesy of GMA Did you watch Claudine's soap on TV last Saturday? After giving birth, there was a humor that she had a liposuction performed on her arms. And she really has slim arms but I think she forgot asking the doctor for liposuction to the rest of her body. Whenever I see her commercials, I observed that she was displayed from the face down to her chest, because the rest of her body especially the hips seemed very wide and the clothes that she wears always gets attention to the upper pert of her body because she now has a bigger lower body. You can notice this especially at the side view. Women who gave birth like Kris Aquino who was very vocal and is an advocate of plastic surgery admitted having liposuction, tummy tuck and even breast augmentation, how about her nose, her nose seemed fake too? What seems to be common to these artists? Of course, not all artists started out as very famous, some of them like Kris even starred in B movies. Movies that are low on budget, or they may start out as extras in film, or a side kick, I remember Kris Aquino and Rene Requistas in a movie. She was ugly back then, right? Hahaha! She might read this and get mad, so that is my opinion, meaning, she was not a star material, not very popular back then, well, popular because she was the President's daughter, but look at her now. She is aspiring to be the next Oprah. And with the money that she earns, she can change the way she looks anytime she wants.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thinking About Your Retirement

Example HTML page In the place where I used to live, there is a very spacious and big house that was for sale last year for 12 million pesos. According to the "Chismis" or grapevine it was bought by the city councilor who lived in our area. If I really have the money I would buy that house. For me living in that kind of house is feeling like Cinderella. It looks like an ancestral house. I've been there once only when it was used as a meeting place for our church. It was a splendid house, with big spiral staircase and a center fountain and spacious parking space that can accommodate at least 10 cars. If only the owner know how does a reverse mortgage work because they would not have to sell that house. If only they were able to know some Information on reverse mortgage we could still enter that house and it will not be owned by other people I do not know. I just hope that the next owner will also sell the house and that I own more than 12 million pesos so I could own that house and lot. It will at least be a home for my parents who are already retired. It would be great for my dog, Cassie. I can also have a small school inside the area because it is spacious. A pre-school is a good idea because there are no pre-school in that area yet. If I own that house, I would have checked for reverse mortgage FAQS so I could preserve the house and not sell it. It was a dream house for me.

There is Something About Lola Nene

Example HTML page Lola Nene, aged 88 is Irwin's lola from his maternal side. Lolo Jose is a US War Veteran who died several years ago and left her with a pension plan. That serves as her allowance for her medicine and other needs. She does not have to worry about her other needs because she is well provided. I do not know how the pension plan works for the Veteran dependents. My father is also receiving a pension from the Philippines Social Security System, this one is for those who worked in the private sector of our country. If you worked in a government setting the GSIS provides you with a pension plan just like my father-in-law who will be retiring in 2011. One option for those who wants to get their pension is a to get a lump sum pension. My father-in-law has a brother in the States who is in a retiring age. It is possible for him to get a pension from the government and if he wants to enjoy his money right away and not wait for the pension, he has an option to avail of a US Pension Funding. Information for this kind of pension can be found by click here, retirees can travel around the world, go back to their home land, try out new things like a hobby and these kind of activities need money, right? Is it possible to cash in your pension early? This is one question retirees often ask, this is an option for some retirees and depends on several factors. But if you need an emergency cash and you cannot wait for the pension, then getting a lump sum is advisable.

Kris Aquino Moved to a New Condo Unit

Example HTML page Yesterday, I watched Kris Aquino showing off her new condo unit with a new set of furniture and appliances. The last time I've seen her condo was the year I got married in 2005 because I've seen her Chinese sofa set in fuschia pink and chartreuse. That gave me an idea for my wedding motif. Now when I watched the show yesterday, I cannot seem to see the old sofa set. It seems that the Chinese tradition is true, that when they moved to a new house, they would leave everything behind and buy everything new unless they have a self storage or they placed it somewhere else. Now, I wonder what will happen to my own stuff when we move house? Right now we are living with my in-laws and all my things are in a box or in a cabinet. I wish I could also have a self storage for all my things. I wonder where I will put all my tinker things that I do not want to dispose. Would you imagine I have three cabinets full of books and papers that I used for my work. I can't dispose them but they are left untouched for months. I have a cabinet full of old clothes that I can't get rid of because maybe I hope I can still wear them. Even my refrigerator is filled not with food but my things because we are not using it as a ref but a storage area for Kiara's food, nope it is not turned on. Having a self-storage really is a good idea nowadays..

Manny Pacquiao and Las Vegas

Example HTML page You know Manny right? He is a famous boxer, world class boxer. He is always in the US especially in Las Vegas. I wonder, just like in the movies, does he arrive at the boxing arena in a Las Vegas limo? Who drives him around the area? Wow! It would be a thrill to see Manny going down a Limo and he, wearing a coat and a tie, maybe not specifically for a boxing match, that would be very awesome. I also wonder about the politician that are watching Manny's fight, do they hire a limo company in Las Vegas? I often wonder about that. I also wonder and imagine myself, wearing a very expensive gown, with a very comfortable high heeled shoes and fully made up with diamonds on my neck and escorted by... Brad PItt... Amazing! I would love to have that dream. Brad Pitt would have towered over me. But you know what a limo car can give you, it can give you a sense of pride or even pleasure in riding one, and when you get down from it, it may seem that people will look at you and you are the center of attention. I wish this fantasy will somehow come true, in case I visit the US, I would go to Las Vegas and get a Las Vegas Limousines for maximum exposure and pleasure. I can jsut iamgine myself as Vivian in Lovers in Paris, this time it would be Lovers in Las Vegas... yahoo!

I Need to Finish my Thesis Fast

Example HTML page I am on rush to finish my thesis for the graduate school, more so when I learned that my co-teachers are already on their defense stage. I panicked to know that. I've been searching now for textbooks that are related to my topic which is burnout. Burnout can be found in Organizational Psychology books or even books on stress. I also need books on Human Development, Abnormal Psychology, Clinical etc. And I cannot find cheap textbooks, they are all very expensive. The books that I am using are all old, like for example, the history of Psychology book that I'm using was published in 1987 and that was how many years ago. I am on search for used textbooks for sale even if there are minimal mark, some are good as new, as long as I can save some money because I buy them in several titles and topics because they are cheap. You can get at least two books for the price of one book. It is that cheap and practical. If you are going to look at my shelf, there are a number of textbook on display. I have two Social Psychology books, two theories of personality and a lot of introduction to psychology. I need it especially now that I am also writing a book for Psychology 101. I need several references for the book and I would rather have a real book than a virtual one.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I am Dreaming of a New House

Example HTML page These past few months have been a mixture of ups and downs, from not getting enough sleep to arranging a lot of requirements in school like grades, my clearance, my very late thesis in the graduate school and last but not the least, the pending land title that I’ve been constantly following up at the Pasig Registry of Deeds. I need the title to be completed because we plan to build a six-door apartment as an investment. My mother was the one handling all the requirements, as much as possible we do not want to give any “bribe” or “lagay” in Tagalog in exchange for faster service. Speaking of service, I heard of a US company that offers a car title loans where you can have an automatic cash and use your car title as Collateral loan. Just give them your car title and you can have an easy cash in case you have an emergency and you can still use your car. If only the people in the registry of deeds are as fast as those people. Oh, I would surely love them. If only I am living in the States, I would like to live in Los Angeles, California so I could be near with my relatives. Maybe I would have a car title loans Los Angeles in exchange for some cash so I could start building my dream house. Well, that is just a dream. Anyway, I am still young, I can still earn and have a lot of money, I can dream big and that includes a big house.

Kiara's Latest Photo Shoot at Pic-A-Boo

Example HTML page I just want to share to you the latest picture of Kiara that was taken at Pic-A-Boo in Megamall, Atrium.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally, The Chipmunks are on DVD!

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

The chipmunks revived a childhood memory in me. When I was young, especially during Christmas, my father would play a Christmas song and that would include the Chipmunks, "time for joy" as the chipmunks sings. I also remember "This Christmas don't be late". The next encounter with the chipmunks was when I was pregnant in 2008 , and my husband's cousin who is living in the States was very much thrilled that they begged me to name my baby to one of the Chipmunks especially Theodore. That was before we know the gender of my baby GIRL. We could have named her Theodora but it is not a chipmunk name anymore. Oh, it brought a smile to my face remembering that and imagining calling my baby girl, "Theooodooooraaaa" just like Alvin calls Theodore. Now that baby Kiara can appreciate the chipmunks, I am thrilled to announce that the latest movie "Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel" is now available on DVD, Blue Ray and Digital Download. Watching it in the comforts of your own home is fun. Just buy it now and enjoy the music, the squeaky voice and the fun, fun, fun with the whole family! I tried to go to their site forMore Munk Mayhem where I checked out the different games. I enjoyed playing or singing along with a chippete singing "All The Single Ladies". If you can't get enough, when you buy the DVD it comes with a "The Squeak Along" Bonus CD. There are available games and activity for you and your kids. My baby girl Kiara will surely love it. Even in your computer the chipmunks looks like a 3D character. Oh I love the game of munkmic where you can dress up your chipettes and sing along with the songs from the movie. You can even customize the munk and try out different styles and color, dresses and accessories for the chipettes. It will bring out the fashionista in you. You can try it out and visit http://www.foxfamilyflicks.com Watching the chipmunks even on TV can really take your blues and stress away. It is not everyday that they show the chipmunks unlike if it is a soap opera or a tv series so it is better to have a copy of the DVD and play it anytime you want. So what are you waiting for, grab a DVD now! Wye, Wye! (Bye! Bye!) Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Monday, April 05, 2010

Example HTML page This is Your Graduation Day
A message from a teacher to her graduating class of 2010
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Friday, April 02, 2010

A President Who Can Lower Health Insurance Costs

Example HTML page I wish we could have a new president just like Obama who thinks of the health of its constituents. Obama has a health reform and thinks of the high insurance cost in America.He has plans to invest in prevention and wellness. Here in our country only the privilege has a health insurance. it seems that any candidate for Presidency in our country has no health plans for its constituents. For a country to prosper they need healthy individuals, not sickly and cannot even keep a job. I have relatives living in the United States, they are paying for their health insurance and it costs a lot. It is hard to look for an insurance that fits all of your requirement. Not all insurance would cover everything, some people do not need all of the services of the insurance but who knows what will happen in the next day or month. You might need to have a laboratory exam and if you do not have an insurance it is too costly. Tonic Health Insurance has a simple offer which is good for individuals who are healthy but still needs a health coverage in case of emergency. I hope the next president will have health of the people as one of its priorities. Sponsored Post.

Kiara Likes to Play Hide Inside Our Car

Example HTML page When Kiara was five months old, we attended a Trick or Treat event in a nearby village so we took a ride in a tricycle. We were only three minutes inside when she was crying uncontrollably. We have to stop in a nearby store and I tried to walk carrying her with the tricycle trailing behind us. I was with my mother-in-law and Miko. They stayed inside the tricycle. When she stopped crying, we again rode inside and she cried again. My mother-in-law took her and they tried to hail a cab. She was still crying. So we ended up walking to the village. That was before, so we thought that she cannot ride a tricycle, we always bring a car whenever we go. She loves to crouch in the back seat hiding at the back of the driver's seat. It is a hassle because the car mats that Irwin bought was sliding whenever Kiara would crouch. The car mat would end up in a bundle near the front. it was too short I guess, it was not fitted to the floor of the car. I have to remind Irwin to get a new one. This time it should be fitted for Kiara's safety too. Sponsored Post.