Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Covelandia Du Labrador


We went here May 24 to May 26, 2014 and based from the review from different sites, Covelandia gave us a satisfactory experience not really something bad like what  they used to write. Yes, the water maybe a little unclear because a lot of people are swimming but I think it is manageable or acceptable. The management may need to look into the water pool sanitation but I saw the staff cleaned the water from floating objects.
The room that we used costs 3,500 and for the price I think it is worth it since four people can stay there  waived the entrance fee of 150.
The food is also good and the price comparable to other restaurants. They have big servings. Mango shake is my favorite with the price of 60 pesos per glass, it is worth every glass.

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