Friday, September 17, 2010

John Lloyd and Shaina Magdayao: A Case of Vaginismus

Example HTML page This afternoon, we have been discussing Sexual Disorder under Abnormal Psychology class and I was surprised to hear the news from my students on the incident that allegedly happen to these two popular showbiz personality. They told me that these two were copulating and that John Lloyd's penis cannot be removed from the vagina of Shaina. (we are talking medical terms for the private parts). This is a case of Vaginismus in women, where the muscles of the vagina tend to tense involuntarily, meaning it is not willed, and a cause for this is fear of penetration. Maybe it is the first time for Shaina that she has performance anxiety or maybe fear of getting pregnant which is typical among young adult like her. I started the class by writing on the board, What is your greatest fear about SEx? and this incident made them temporarily fearful about sex. Allegedly this is true kahit na sinabi na di totoo, because I have students who has relatives working in the hospital and they were witness to this incident. anyway, I've seen that Shaina has a new soap, maybe this is just a tactic for publicity.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Feeling Low: Is This Depression?

Example HTML page I've been feeling low at the beginning of this month, probably from a lot of backlog because we were away for one week and went back with a lot of work. Kiara is sick with fever for 2 days now and I hope it is just a minor illness. Been losing sleep but I do not feel the need to sleep. I do not feel sleepy, maybe I am manic depressive again. Maybe I am self-disgnosing. NOw I yawned but do not want to sleep. I have no energy left in me. I just came from a vacation but my body still crave for a vacation. Mothers need vacation! Since Kiara was born, I've been losing sleeping time. No one to blame. That's why I wonder, how did my mother raised 6 children, when I am already tired of one? My mother raised us full time, I envy those stay at home mom who are with their children. It's always a conflict for me to stay at home and be with Kiara or work, it is between your career and your family. I need the money and the feeling of accomplishment, but with all these expectations, in return, I feel stressed out and feeling all kinds of somatic complaint. I know what is good, I am dreaming of a life in the province or somewhere cool like Tagaytay or Baguio, not the city life. Stress free...