Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Property Management

Nowadays, in the time of recession and if you have the money, it might be wise to purchase a property because the price may be affordable. This is a technique used by a friend who invested in this business. He would buy some property at a cheap price and then have them rented. So instead of leaving your money in the bank you can earn from investment.

Now, if you have a lot of property and can't manage all of them, you might be interested in Real Property Management. Real Property Management (RPM) receives the "Franchise of the Year Honarable Mention" award. So go for a property management that has been recognized by the client.

RPM Midwest Featured in the Bizjournal of Cincinnati and Columbus. There is a booming business in Real Property Management to be featured in a business journal.

RPM manages over 20,000 units nationwide, it means that poeple trust them to handle their property.

Freddie Mac has Signed an exclusive agreement with Real Property Management to manage the new REO Rental Initiative.

RPM Midwest joins the National Association of Residential Property Managers to ensure the highest standards in property management services.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Online Billiards Game

I used to play billiards in pc games... during break time... in my past work as a technical support in SVI. Hehehehe.. I can be quite good. really.. I even tried to copy the software and bring it at home. Now there is an online site where you can play billiards with multi-players or even with the computer. The site is very fast and you need to register before you can play. There are several rooms where you can choose to play. The site is
There is also a visible guide so you know if you can hit the ball or not. The pages loaded very fast. TRy it!

Happy Birthday Kiara!

Kiara's birthday was at Mcdonald's Metropoli in Libis, Quezon City. This picture was with our SVI friends. Taken by Ging Lorenzo using my friend's camera. I am very excited to see the pictures from ging. I'm sure it will be full of wonderful shots.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Own Mommy Website

It is one of my dreams to have my very own niche in the web. How can I realize my dream? By having my own address and finding a webhosting site that can supply and support my needs. First thing I would do is try to think of a very unique name. Since what I blog about is on my baby Kiara, a little bit of fashion finds, restaurant reviews, movies and other stuff. The name should be a general one because I have a lot of topics. But then, maybe I cold have a lot of domain name for each area right? As for the disk space, I will need a little space for the pictures that I will be uploading. There are webhosting sites that offer unlimited disk space and traffic. I do not need this I guess. As for the unlimited site traffic, I do not know if I could hit 10 million visitors simultaneously. But I do need a 100% uptime. They also offer a mailing system which I could probably need if I could turn my website into a blog and business site where I could offer services and great stuffs! What a nice idea!

All of these information are available at this webhosting site. This site offers review for all the available webhosting providers. I tried to read their review that’s why I got an idea what I will need if ever I will build my site. If you have a business that you need to promote, there is an available webhosting package for you, it may not necessary be the cheapest but you should go for reliability, no downtime and excellent technical support service. If you are not familiar with building a site, some webhosting package offers free site builders check out the reviews in the link above.

I tried to check out their blog and found a very useful article for potential web hosting searcher. The article discussed your need for a large disk space and bandwidth. It seems that not everyone needs a very large disk space as I earlier thought and wrote above. This article verified my thoughts.
If you have a lot of visitors go for a large bandwidth if you need a lot of files to upload or pictures go for a large disk space.

I hope that in the near future this domain name will become a reality.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I Love the Powder-Citrus Scent

My current perfume is the Gucci Rush. I still have my old Hugo Boss Red and Benetton HOT. I have some Victoria Secret cologne and a Johnson's Baby cologne too. Sometimes I like to wear perfume that is designed for Men because they sometimes smell cool and fresher. I like the CK collection, and the scent of my male college classmate (hehehe) which until now I do not know the name but remember the smell. I like Issey Miyaki scent, I would rather smell them from others than wear the perfume.

I like a Scent that smells like you've just taken a shower. There are some shampoo scents that I like lavander but I do not like them as perfume. Clean scent and citrus, vanilla and melon and cucumber. Even the smell of raw cucumber refreshes me.

I do not like flower scent, fruity (some) and those perfume that is too strong. I once had an Oscar dela Renta perfume and I only wear it once and got an allergic reaction. I got colds afterward.

I like baby cologne too. My baby uses Zwitsal products and it smells good.
I do not like berries smell but I like the smell of grapefruit.

I wear perfume depending on my mood and where I am going but since I have a baby I have to choose my perfume well because I do not want to suffocate Kiara. For everyday scent, I would prefer Victoria Secret brand and some local colognes are good too.

I want a furniture that is...

If money is not a problem I would like to have different sets of furniture for every part of the house.

Kiara's room

An ideal furniture for kids room is something soft so the baby will not get hurt from bumps, scratches and should be accident prone. I would choose soft and colorful furniture maybe something like a bean bag. But you cannot sleep in a bean bag I suppose? I can't find a picture of what I like in the net but this room decorations and the furniture are also good. A cabinet for the baby's thing and her bed.

Our bedroom

This Chinese bed is one of my dream furniture. I wish I could have one. It reminds me of the old Chinese movies that I've watched. This is ideal if you have a house keeper, but if I do not have one, I would rather choose a simpler bed. For a working mom like me, I could only clean during weekends.

This is a simpler bed which I could keep. It looks modern and classy.

I found this sofa set for the living room area and it is good for relaxing and unwinding. We have a similar one at home and I couldn't ask for more. Maybe a bigger one. The sofa is not too soft nor too hard and you could always lie down because it is long unlike other sofa that is only good for sitting.

Dining Area

For the dining area I want a simple and modern design. I do not want fancy style because those furniture are confined to large houses and require a lot of space.
I could upgrade to one of these designs maybe when Kiara's grown up.

Since I have a baby in the house, my taste depends on what is good for her.
But if I have a lot of houses, I could choose a lot of furniture. Take for example, a rest house maybe in Tagaytay or Baguio needs rustic furniture which is really natural and homey . Something comforting for a cold day while sipping a hot chocolate or coffee.

For city living, I like the minimalistic designs more like Zen type. I want squares, circles and simple shapes and design. Not too big nor too small.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Excess Weight and Feeling Good or Bad About Yourself

I found this article in the web and it is very timely for me because I am one of those people who have a weight problem and want to get back to shape. This article talks about the differences in attitudes of men and women on excess weight, the effects of excess weight on health and psychological well being. According to this article, men do not take excess weight as seriously as women did until later in life; people view their ideal body image from magazines especially media; weight gain affects health which predisposes a person to a lot of health problems; and losing weight with as little as 10 pounds can work wonders on the self-image of a person and it also shows the opposite of weight gain which is weight loss to being thinness or waif-like.

As a review to this article, I agree to most of the content of this article but this should not be generalized. This article lacks citation for the researchers the author was mentioning. He failed to include other means of adjusting to an excess weight.

For me, not all excess weight has a negative impact on a person. I for example have been trying to loose weight, I tried to drink herbal tea, bought a twist and shape to help me exercise, downloaded a hip hop abs video and tried to diet but still no significant weight loss. But it has no negative impact on my psychological being. I am a little sad, I couldn’t wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but it is a good excuse to shop, right? I keep on thinking, “I will loose weight” so I do not want to discard my old clothes, but when I was able to accept my body image, I am happier. I personally know a lot of people who are overweight, my husband for example but they do not have a negative self-image. As you can see in the Philippine magazine, they do have heavy-side model but they look good.
I bought a book, “What You Wear Can Change Your Life” by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine and according to this book, you have to know what looks good on you and a change in clothing can definitely change your attitude about yourself. I read it and tried it and people around me said I’m blooming with the excess weight and all. I would welcome any day a loss in my weight but I am taking my time.

N1H1 Virus in schools and other matters

The N1 H1 virus is really scary. I just watched the news tonight on Channel 2 and there are 13 new cases of Influenza A in our country. Four of them came from De La Salle University. There was another case in FEU, a student who came from Japan. Where could these people be getting the virus from? The country where they came from or they get infected while inside the plane? It is really scary, I was brought to Medical city this morning because of gastrointestinal infection, I've been having diarrhea for four days and I was scared it might be amoebiasis. I am still lucky there was no bacteria instead they found out I had UTI. I was also dehydrated and loss body fluids, low on potassium and high count of white blood cells. They prescribed I take Ciprofloxacin which if ever can cure the bacteria in my urinary tract, respiratory and gastro-intestinal.

So if ever I contracted a virus from the hospital this morning, the antibiotics should be able to combat the infection. I was scared because while waiting at the lobby, I saw a girl cough and she was looking sick, then when I had a nap this afternoon I feel a slight warm almost feverish, well, false alarm, because now I am sweating.

I hope to go back to work tomorrow, today is suppose to be my first day at work, I was re-assigned to the HR department in Training. I was in charge of the Registration booth this morning, but I failed to come. I was prepared for this event, I was searching for a new blouse I could wear today, yesterday but I wasn't able to buy one because I was having diarrhea still. Grabe..
It seems every time I was excited on something, I get hospitalized.
Last year in August, it was my cousin's wedding and I bought a blouse to wear to that wedding but I had a miscarriage. Last year May, it was my college friend's wedding and I bought a blouse but I was admitted because I was having contractions, now I was again admitted this time, with no blouse. ;) It is really hard for me to get excited.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What I Really Want to Do

What I really want to do is to be a full time mother to Kiara. I do not want to work not because I do not like my work but I like being with Kiara best. I am a workaholic and just like what the Bible says " you cannot serve two masters" and if I have work, I tend to prioritize it more than Kiara. Then I would feel guilty for not spending time with Kiara. Being a teacher is full of hard work, you have to prepare for your class and then even if an ordinary office girl finishes her work in the office, a teacher sometimes has to bring home work. I was able to manage my time when Kiara was smaller. I do not bring any work at home because I can't find time to do it. I do it at school but I am pressed for time, the quality of my work is compromised and I do not want a half-baked work. I can be an effective mother but not a good teacher and I think I have to let go one and I want to let go being a teacher.

I know myself, I've been dreading this time, before Kiara was born I was contemplating of leaving work or asking for a re-assignment. I would accept a job as a telephone operator that does not require a lot of thinking. Then maybe by 5pm I could rush home to be with my baby. Leaving all the worries behind not thinking of doing any quizzes or exams. Even if I am with Kiara, I keep on thinking of all the unfinished things to do and I can't be happy at the moment.

This is my big problem. ME. I am my own problem. I guess I have to concentrate on Kiara when I am with her and not think of anything else. I really have to make her a priority, sacrifice some sleep if I want to be an ever effective teacher, like what I am doing, doing my class work when everybody else is sleeping.

Or maybe change my style of teaching. I am very factual, knowledge, knowledge. I would try to go for higher-thinking skills and then maybe require them for a to-die for exam or project. ;) I will have to adjust myself to the changing times. Every time, every effort counts.

I promise to be at home right away and not stay late at school.
I promise to teach Kiara everything she needs to know, especially how much we love her.
I promise to be a good mother.

SO Help me GOD..

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kiara's Turning One!

It's KIARA'S birthday next week June 13, Saturday at McDonald's Metropolis at C5, Libis. Oh how time flies. Kiara's grown so big.. Me too. I haven't lost the pounds I gained when I was pregnant with her.