Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sandy's Pizza at Little Baguio

Finally, napuntahan na rin namin ang Sandy's Pizza sa San Juan. Walang kainan dun kundi dalawang maliliit na table para lang sa mga naghihintay ng orders. Ang tagal ng waiting time nila, may ale nagagalit na sa kahihintay ang technique is to order and dun and pick it up after mga 30 minutes. Pero it is worth the wait dahil super sarap ng pizza nila, maybe because we ate it there na, bagong luto, i am not sure how it tastes if it is delivered.

Here is a link to their site in case you want to order:

sandy's pizza

We ordered the combination, pepperoni, white pizza, all meat and veggie. ang sarap!

mura lang din.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas Cookies

I like cookies especially Mrs. Fields cookies and Famous Amos. On the local side, I like chocolate chip cookies and raisin cookies. I like cookies that are crisp on the outside and chewy inside. I also like nutty cookies and with oatmeal.

I thought of making cookies as a give away for Christmas. So I tried searching for cookie recipes. Last year, I tried making ( not baking) a no bake cookies and it turned out sticky. Sometimes the available instant cookie is so hard to do or make it right. I found this recipe No bake cookie recipe and from the instructions this is very easy to do. It only has three instructions. All I need is some sugar, unsweetened cocoa and some nuts, mix them and it is almost ready.

The Mrs. Fields cookie is a must try recipe. I am so glad it is here because I love this cookie. This sells around 75 pesos for a 5 pieces cookie. This is yummy, every time I have this I will go to a corner and eat it by myself. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to Mrs. Fields cookie.

Another recipe that I want to try out is the Diabetic cookie recipe. They used Equal as a substitute for sugar. I have a lot of person in mind to give this cookie to. My parents, my in-laws, my co-teachers, my husband! This is also an easy recipe because I have all the ingredients available.

Before trying to make cookies be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Always prepare the ingredients prior to cooking. Preheat the oven, use butter not margarine if that is the requirement. Do not use substitutes unless you are an experienced cook who can experiment with the cooking. Most importantly, when you are cooking, do it with love, imagine the person eating the cookie and the look on his or her face at the first bite of your cookie.

I will try to post actual pictures before giving out the cookies. Hopefully, this project will be done before Christmas. Hehehehe. Absolutely.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Story of a Friend's Cheating Husband

Two weeks ago I've met with my college friends from UST because we have a balikbayan friend abroad. Our stories revolved around one thing. My friend's cheating husband. How did she know? Nakita nya sa cellphone ng husband niya na may picture ng ibang girl. The girl happens to be an office mate of the husband. My friend was ok naman, pretty and we never expected it from her or sa husband niya na gagawin iyon.

I feel pity for my friend. The experienced changed her a lot. First, wala na raw siyang trust sa husband niya, kahit na anong gawin or panunuyo all are covered with doubt. She started checking the cellphone kapag tulog daw ang asawa niya, or she would check the pants for any receipts. Ayaw raw niya ng ganun, yung mga ginagawa niya but she can't help it. Everytime na makaka-rinig sya ng ringing tone, message or text, na-pra-praning siya. Iisipin niya galing sa girl.

Because she was angry may episodes pa raw siya na gusto niyang ubusin lahat ng savings nila ang she would spend it on make up, slimming pills, magpapa-marie france raw siya para magi siyang sexy. Naisip pa niyang magpa-rhinoplasty. Para lang siyang maging maganda.

Now, personally, when I heard that story kaya pala yung mga unhappy wives na mayaman ang asawa walang magawa sa pera nila. Minsan yung iba panay ang renovate ng house, tour around the world, maybe it is a defense mechanism or coping skills nila because of their cheating husband.

My friend was devastated. She was in pain and still hurting. Umiiyak paminsan-minsan, natutulala, hindi nya alam kung kanino sasabihin, baka raw kasi mag-worry ang parents niya kung sasabihin niya sa parents niya. Ayaw pa nga niyang ikuwento sa amin kasi baka raw hindi na mag-asawa yung mga single naming friends.

Now as a student of Psychology let me analyze the behavior. Wives who were cheated by their husbands can experience a great deal of stress and emotional breakdown. They will often think what went wrong. They will think or attribute it to themselves either they will say na may kulang sa kanila, napabayaan ang sarili, busy and a lot of reason. Wives who are contented or secured by their marriage partner and suddenly may incidence na ganito will have a lot to do for themselves. They have given their full trust to a person, siguro half or whole, pero kung whole, this is devastating, the wife has to start all over again to trust someone. Kung naka-recover siya, she might think of getting back or avenging herself, magpapaganda muna sila and then they too will look for partners to compensate the loss of love (maybe) from the husband. (Napanood ko sa Bad couple, korean series).

If trust is missing in a relationship, this may not work out unless there is a lot of sacrifices and undoing. If a wife naman is dependent on the husband, walang work, maraming anak, hirap sa buhay, eto yung mga nag-stay sa marriage dahil hindi nila kayang buhayin ang anak nila na wala ang asawa. The behavior of cheating will be tolerated or ignored.

May kilala nga ako eh, maraming naging anak sa labas ang asawa niya, pag naka buntis ang asawa niya kinukuha niya sa kanya ang mga anak ng asawa niya. siya ang nagpapalaki, para raw hindi na balikan ng asawa niya yung mga babae.

That is true, kaya lang siguro bumabalk ang mga cheating husbands dun sa mga babae nila is because maybe they want to see their children or gusto ng free sex.

Eh paano naman ang portrayal ng cheating husband sa movies or books? Parang tolerated pa nga eh or sometimes parang macho symbol pa pag may ibang babae ang husband and they will always blame it on the wife. Kawawa naman talaga ang mga babae.

So tama rin kaya ang theory ng iba na they really have to pass this stage? I would rather not agree. I still want to preserve my idea of true love, kagaya nila Romeo and Juliet,yung character sa movie na The Notebook at may mga iba pang wagas na pag-ibig..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gingersnap Sale- Nov. 17 start

Start na ulet ng sale sa Gingersnap Warehouse at Armal Compound sa may San Miguel, Pasig City. Can't wait. Sana magaganda ang i-sale nila. This will run Nov. 17 to December 29, 2008. Ilang days na lang pasko na. Hmm. Dun na lang ako bibili sa mga inaanak ko.

For directions on how to get there:

Coming from Megamall go to Julia Vargas, U turn going to Eastwood direction and look for Eagle street, that is on the right side, you will pass by Mom and Tina's, Good Burger then immediately make a right turn, you will pass by Sandoval Bridge, turn right at the end of the bridge, that is Dr. Sixto Antonio St., look for Stella Maris on the left side, on the right is the Maybunga Barangay Hall, turn left to Stella Maris, at the end of the street turn right that is the C. Raymundo St., When you see the Mercury Drug on the left, turn left and that is Mercedes Ave, when you see rustan's turn left and you will pass by a chinese school then turn right, this is Eusebio Drive. Go straight ahead until you reach Armal Compound. They usually hang a banner outside.

If you are coming from Quiapo or the south go to C5 then Bagong Ilog, pass by Rotonda, go to C. Raymundo Ave., that is the side of Arlington, then Mercedes Ave. and follow the directions above.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Travel with Ease and Style

We like to travel, since we've been together, Irwin and I made it a point to travel every year, last year we've been to Palawan with my whole family. The year before that we've been to Baguio for our CAS Team Building.We've been to Coron, Palawan for our honeymoon, been to Boracay three times already since it is our favorite destination. Next we plan to visit Bohol, Davao, Iloilo, Cebu and Ilocos.

Now that Kiara is an addition to our family, we've been thinking of travelling outside the country. Next year, his cousin from the USA will be having her 18th birthday on February. He will be a member of the 'Cotillion'. I hope we can all attend the party. What a very far party!

Hmm. That would be wishful thinking.

Okey, to make our plan very reasonable and attainable maybe we should just visit our friends in Singapore or make and Asian tour, maybe Hong Kong and visit Disneyland? Sayang, now that the dollar rate is up we should have tried to have a tour before.

We have another option, yearly the graduate school would visit partner universities in Asia. Two years ago, (sayang ulet) they've been to 5 countries in two weeks, kaya lang di kaya nakakapagod ang ginawa nila? They went to Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bangkok and Malaysia and it only cost them around 15 thousand each. This is a group package kasi, some accommodations were sponsored by the partner university. In some city they stayed in a hotel. Kaya nga nag-aabang ako ng next na schedule pero parang wala naman next year. Our College dean told me to try and search for some group packages available in the net. Ok, sige gagawin ko.

So I guess I have to plan the travel na lang. We are not adventurers translated as pag nagpupunta kami sa isang lugar gusto namin ayos na ang lahat. We are not the type who goes to a place and dun pa lang hahanap ng accommodation or makikipagsapalaran. Preferably sana may hotel na, naka book na ang flight at ready to go na.

My friend who recently went to Vietnam recommended this site I checked it out. I was surprised kasi ang galing, it is my first time to see a site ha hindi ka na mag-convert from dollar to peso. gulat nga ako eh. So eto mega hanap ako ng places to visit. List ko muna saka ko pa-approve kay bossing. Galing nitong site, nakita ko pa nga ang Dusit dito eh. My sister-in-law works here. This is a good site kasi they list all the hotels and their prices in your own currency.

Next, ang flight schedules! Sana meron ding ganito kaya lang dynamic kasi ang flight eh. Kaya mahirap din. I'll look for a good flight site na lang. Any recommendations?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Worried with Autism

I have a very lovely 5 month old baby, yes, as I've told you she sleeps through the night at one month old, she has a routine of sleeping and eating and eliminating. She plays with her toys but she would rather sleep. One time we went trick or treating at Parkwoods and we rode in a tricycle and she cried and cried and cried. We cannot console her she wouldn't stop. According to the folklore, baka "nabati" or "nausog".

I am worried because at 5 months she hardly smiles and laughs. Though, she knows her name and respond to you, she doesn't laugh as most babies do. Sabi nga nila " mahal ang ngiti ni Kaira". lalo na ang tawa... I cannot make her laugh, her caregiver can, my mother-in-law can but these are after several attempts.

I know it is still too early to know, but I am really worried.