Sunday, October 16, 2011

You're My Number One- Sharon Cuneta

I used to sing this song to Kiara when she was still small.
This lyrics can be found at dated November 2008. Recently, this commercial was revived again by Sharon Cuneta and one night, when I arrived from work that was the commercial. She called me "Mama, look", and she pointed at the commercial. I was surprised because that was a very, very, very long time ago. She was not even one year old then yet she remembered. "Mama diba sing mo yan sa akin nung bata ako".
And then we sang it together and she know some of the lyrics. I am very, very glad.

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day
You're my number one

And there's no treasure
That I will cherish like you

And when I smile
They all see you glow
And they all know
You're my number one
[ Lyrics from: ]
My one and only joy
Is to give you my love

My one love for you
I give through and through
I see you and the signs that bring joy
That all the world can see so clearly

Look at me mom
Shining like the sun
Bright as the day

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