Saturday, January 23, 2021

Mental Health for the Filipino Youth

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Adolescence is a phase of rapid growth and changes physically, mentally, and socially. These changes may be welcome or unacceptable depending on the adolescent's readiness. It is unfortunate that this developmental stage reports incidence of mental problems. Hence, I believe that this is the best time to introduce mental health and ways to encourage psychological well-being to our Filipino youth. We are all too familiar with the quote "the youth is the hope of our nation" by Jose Rizal, to make this dream a realization, we must build a society that value mental well-being, and by this value, we live by it and promote it. Speaking of Dr. Jose Rizal, he is the best candidate of a Filipino that displays mental health, from realizing his potential to being resilient and we cannot deny his great contribution to our country and the world. These modules are created for the youth, for the students, to answer the mental health integration into the educational system to address the mental health conditions and promote a mentally fit individual. A module that integrates indigenous knowledge, beliefs, and practices of Filipinos to expose students to traditional elements of our ancestors that widely influence the behavior of their elders, and to a certain degree influences today's youth. Though we are bombarded with Western and Asian influences in our daily lives, it is rewarding and insightful to discover ways of living and healing from our Filipino forefathers. 

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