Friday, February 22, 2008

APAS and Immunophenotyping Cost at PGH

I am an APAS (Anti-phospholipid Antibodies Syndrome) case and I thought of posting the charges and cost at PGH to have your blood tested if you are positive for APAS.

For those who are trying to get pregnant or having difficulty because of miscarriages do not lose hope, there is a way medyo expensive nga lang pero worth it naman. Everything for the baby, right?

Here are the names of the test and the costs:

1. APAS Anti-phospholipid Antibodies
autoimmune problem - treated with aspirin or low does Heparin. I am
positive for Activated Partial Thrombo time so I am taking aspirin. You need to take this test twice to see if the medicine works, if it doesn't work you may need to inject yourself with Heparin? (not sure)

(cost of test at PGH, 4,500)

This test includes:
Lupus Anticoagulants ( values /results)

1.Kaolin Clotting Time
2.Activated Partial Thrombo Time
3.Dilute Russel Viper Venum Time

Anti-Cardiolipin Antibody (ACA)

2. Reproductive Immunophenotyping
auto-immune and can
also detect leukemia, test for natural killer cells also has a role in
promoting cell growth in the placenta, so if ever you have this, there
will be a problem with the cell growth
(costs 4,500)

3. ANA (Anti-nuclear Anti-bodies) If you are positive
with this your placenta has a tendency to weaken and inflamed.
(cost 2,000)

4. ATA (Anti-thyroid Antibodies)
I'm also positive for this so I have to take prednisone, it has been studied that this can be a cause of infertility because it can cause a thickening of the endometrium based from my research not from my Immunologist.

(cost 1,500 - 2,000)

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