Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rorschach Inkblot Test

I have seen this controversial Rorschach article and immediately read it. I have taught Rorschach, I have the Exner's Comprehensive System (unupdated), all of my old students have the manual and the interpretation, they have the cards.

Though the Rorschach is a test of personality, it is really difficult to score and interpret. Now I am taking Projective Technique in the graduate school and I have to prepare a battery of test which includes the Rorschach but I am against it. I may not finish graduate school.

So anyone wants to take the Rorschach?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kiara Encounters Jollibee for the First Time

Since our university President declared a holiday today, we were able to have a trip to Starmall this afternoon with Kiara. This is her second time to see Jollibee (the figure outside the store). The first one was when she was about 5 months old and she has more comprehension now at her age. She was very excited and almost slipped because she was rushing to get to Jollibee fast.
She started to walk unassisted at 12 months and 2 weeks. She can now balance herself, walk up the stairs and run slowly. She is starting to get independent. She doesn't want anyone holding her. She is a small me, she smiles a little, a little shy with strangers, not the type who gets the attention of many. Though attention is cast her way. I know that toddlers can be a little KSP but Kiara is not one of those toddlers.
She is quiet in her own ways. She looks pretty and serious. Oh, but I do not want her to grow up like me, I was a shy girl and needs confidence while growing up.

Just yesterday morning after giving her a bath I discover that:


1. She wants to comb her hair in front of the big mirror ( I do not know how she learns that)

I know this before:
2. She can now do the fishy-fishy ( hands clasp and swinging to the left and right)
3. She knows the title of her books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Good Night Moon, and Moo, Baa Lalala.
4. She knows the word shampoo.
5. She can bless to elders.
6. She likes to kiss and cuddle and hug.
7. She knows how to put on her crocs sandals, unassisted.
8. She shares her food to everyone. ( A trait which she sees when we feed Cassie, our shih tzu dog)
8. She wants to clean the house with her clean clothes.


I think she has been observing Ate Juliet for a while.
I am a busy mom, stressed at work, I want to spend more time with my Baby, I keep on telling Irwin that I want to quit my job. But with his salary alone, we will be living from payday to payday.
Which would translate to me not buying things that I want because majority of the expenses will be Kiara expenses.

God will provide. God will make a way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When Couples Fight

Their heartbeat goes above 100 beats per minute. The normal is around 80 beats per minute. When the heart beats that fast our body produces adrenalin and when that happens it is impossible for two people to understand what each other is saying.

So what they've been saying is true, when you fight or get angry at your partner, let only one person stays angry. Let the other person steam out, let all emotions out and the other should listen because if both speak, both are demanding for a listener and that is impossible unless one gives in and listen.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kiara's Got a New Haircut

...and it was not done by a professional hair stylist for baby. The crime was performed by Ate Auring, our housekeeper. Kiara has long curly on the end hair which is longer than mine. Now it is much shorter than mine and she looks like a baby boy not a baby girl.
It was a real crime. You might want to ask " Buhay pa ang gumupit sa iyo?".

Hmm. well, after a while you get used to it at sasabihin mo na lang na, hahaba pa ang buhok niya.

Look na lang at the first picture, her hair was very long na! Hayy..

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pretty Girls, Special Girls, Lucky Girls

These are Kiara's Ninangs living in the States. They stand less than 5 feet. They are American citizens of Filipino descent. Their father is a surgeon and their mother is a nurse. They have their own clinic and their family is rich compared to the average American family. Tawny the eldest, is 18 and had her debut in a fancy hotel, very intelligent and received an award from their State as best in Science student.
Pretty, Lucky, Special Girls. I am glad they are living a rich life in America, I you are short and living in the Philippines, it might be ok because there are a lot of short people here but in the States they are the exception. I am also glad they are intelligent because they will not be bullied. I am glad they were able to retain their Filipino values and they are very sweet and kind cousins.

Will Kiara also grows up to be as smart and pretty as them? I hope so.