Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother- Gabby dela Merced

Ok, I chanced to watch it again last night and it pissed me off again. They do not want to vote one of them out. Plastic, Show me someone who doesn't want to win 2 million pesos. Maybe by voting someone out they will get less vote, I doubt that Ruben will be the winner, was he ever nominated by the housemate? We never know how many will vote for him, as for John and Will, when they were nominated with Don Geisler, they have more votes, so we will never know the popularity of Ruben. If he has a lot of supporters. And why would the housemates choose among themselves who will be the winner, are they going to spend money voting for each other? As for me, I go for Gabby dela Merced.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Boyfriend for New Year

I have a lot of single friends and the coming new years marks another year for them without a partner. I just wrote a very long letter to a friend, coaxing her to find one. I told another friend to start loosing weight and another to start wearing make-up. These friends are in their 30's already. The more they are getting worried.

I have a very pretty picture in my friendster account, and that is not my picture. There are a lot of men adding me as friends because they thought that I was the one in the picture. I forwarded these profile to my friend and she don't like them because they only added me as a friend because they thought I was pretty.

I was telling Irwin that men naturally want a pretty girl, INITIALLY. Because they are really attracted to the face, the body, all physical. Science has proven this in several studies and this was even theorized by Charles Darwin. So you cannot tamper with nature. This is the nature of man.

I know and I believe that I was attractive when I was YOUNGER, when my waistline is still 24 inches and I can wear pretty clothes and I know I attracted some guys not just Irwin. Plus my added self-confidence. hehe.

Women in contrast are attracted to power and the ability to provide for the offspring, this too is according to Darwin's theory. So there are pretty girls with not-so-pretty boys but rich pockets. And this could be one of the reason why there are less women marrying. They cannot find a man who can provide for them, because some of these women are already successful and you still have to surpass their accomplishment for you to be attracted to them, but if you are already OLD, you cannot be choosy!

I told my friend to get pregnant with a man but she doesn't like a baby she wants a man!

So for singles men out there if you can read this blog, I am looking for a lot of boyfriends for a lot of girl friends. This is a wanted ad for a boyfriend. period.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Do You Want to Die?

I want to die a natural death, getting old. My husband's grandmother is 87 years old with no pain in her body and yesterday, she let me smell her Creamsilk fragrant hair that has reached her knee. She was a widow at 30 and was a pregnant widow. She has lived 57 years with her only daughter who has never married and takes care of her, our Ninang Baby. So devoted and caring.

Now, on the topic of dying. How do I start writing this? I suddenly wrote about dying because I checked a website on dying and saw to my horror that a lot of people are accessing it. Why do people want to die, why would they search in the internet on ways to die? Gracious! If only their relatives or their loved ones could see what they have been accessing. They have a suicide attempt or a death wish. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! So many lonely people. So isolated. This season of Christmas and New Year it does not only bring cheers to a lot of people but loneliness too.

Some dread the arrival of their birthdays, or special occasions because of fear that no one will greet them or no one will share it with them. Some people would judge them pathetic but let's us understand these people. Behind their facade that everything is alright they are miserable.

Just like the Beatles Song, All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
I can be alone but I am not lonely, you can be with a lot of people but you are lonely. I just hope that everyone will have a Lonely-Free New Year and everyone will have someone to share the holidays. People of the world, have faith, have love, make no room for loneliness.

Wrong Medicine-Viagra

I remember a funny incident when I was buying an expectorant from a drug store, and cannot remember the name of the drug and I thought of "Sildenafil", they keep on telling me Sumaped, or Sumapen. They asked me to buy an antibiotic and a cough drop, so I thought the Sumaped is the cough drop and I will buy a generic antibiotic, it turned out that the right name is Sumapen and it is the antibiotic.
I did not buy any cough drop, I was tempted to buy "Sildenafil" and ask the pharmacist but didn't. When I got home, I told them that I did not buy any expectorant and that the right name was not Sumaped but Sildenafil, I was so proud about my knowledge on medicine that I searched on the internet for the Sildenafil. Hahaha!

Sildenafil turned out to be the generic name for Viagra. Woohoo! Buti na lang pala, hindi ko tinanong sa pharmacist, ang yabang ko pa kay Irwin, kala ko tama ako, nakakahiya naman for me to buy a Viagra. Hehehe.

Our ninong is a doctor from the States and he always has a Viagra and give it to his friends to sell, aba mahal din ata yun noh. Effective ba talaga yun??

Monday, December 24, 2007

Play Doh Activity Mat

We bought this Play-Doh Activity Mat at 77th street at Market Market yesterday, we bought it for Php 400.00, it was on sale at an original price of 599.00 kala ko naka-discount na kami yun pala $7.99 lang pala sya sa States. Gift namin for our inaanak, we also bought a play-doh clean up pal pig to clean the mess.

This one is cute, after you are done playing with the clay, the clay will cling to the pig's snout. Cute! parang ayaw kong ibigya, ako na lang ang gagamit. This one naman cost Php 259.00.

A sponge bob play-doh is also available, mas mahal nga lang siya, nasa 450.00 eh same lang ang price niya sa activity mat.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Party Thoughts

I can't sleep after waking up so early so I will unburden my thoughts here na lang. Yesterday was our Christmas party at Boni and it was tiring day. I was there around 1pm and the party started around 3pm and ended at before 8pm, umuwi na ako di pa tapos. Because we are from Pasig, we do not know the program due to lack of information kasi ang layo namin, eh isa lang po ang telepono sa Pasig, walang internet, our Director doesn't care about the party and the competition so nada. Wala rin kaming copy ng criteria for the song and ballroom competition. Wala talaga, basta nag practice lang kami.

We lost in the competition.
Consolation prize lang ang napanalunan namin, last year we were at least 2nd place sa dance, bago lang ang song competition and we were 4th place. Hindi pa umabot sa 3rd place. 7th place kami sa ballroom competition.

Prizes for song and dance costs 20,000 for the first prize, 15,000 for the second and 10,000 for the third prize. Consolation is 2,000.

Malakas kasi ang group namin, and some group from Boni tried to sabotage our performance, we were not permitted to include in our dance yung instructor ng PE, tapos sa Boni, lahat ng PE teachers, isang group sila, sila pa ang nanalo ng first price sa dance. Madaya. Hmm, to be fair, di naman ganun kaganda nga ang dance namin, sa tingin ko ang sumira yung costume nila, naka pang flamenco sila na balloon dress, tapos cha cha ang sayaw nila, hehehe, so pag ikot nila, ang sikip sana nag formal dress na lang sila na long gown ang ganda nun. Yung iba hindi rin nagpractice, kala mo ang gagaling, hahaha. Mga oldies na kasi ang mga kasama ko eh, hehehe, not the oldies na mahilig sa ballroom ha.
yung ibang group, tinanggal nila lahat ng oldies ang pinasayaw nila mga bata, the other groups mga professor ang mga sumayaw, ang galing, nakakaaliw, they deserve the prize.

For the singing competition, the winner was the last to perform, syempre may effect yun after seeing the performance of everybody alam na nila ang gagawin nila, lalakasan ang boses, aayusin, ang everything was alright na including the sound system, it was unfair for those who performed first, kasi major adjustment pa ang sound at the start, malakas ang mike, mas malakas ang piano kesa sa voice etc. sa mga succeeding okey na. kaya mas maganda ang performance ng mga sumunod.

Dapat sa singing competition, ang mga judges nasa likod ng kurtina, para walang prejudice, kasi di naman kasama ang costume kundi voice quality. Para ang gagawin lang nila, makikinig lang para mawala ang bias, nabasa ko po ito sa book na "Blink", di po ito imbento, may tendency kasi to judge kapag nakikita nawawala ang essence ng criteria.

I won a rice cooker, yung iba walang price, ako happy na ako nakakanta at nakapag perform lang ako, lalo akong masaya kung nakasali ako sa dance. Kaya lang nagutom kami ng baby ko, tsk tsk tsk, kaya masaya na ako na nakakain ako. simple lang naman ang gusto ko, tapos na ako sa mga material wants, nasa second level na ako ng heirarchy of needs ni Maslow, konti na lang, malapit na akong mag self-actualized, to realize your full potential. Pag naging mommy siguro ako, that would be my self-actualized self.
Nagiging philosopher-psychologist na naman ako.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Award from Vina

True Blue Award

I will always stand by you.

Saving nickles saving dimes
Working til the sun don't shine
Looking forward to happier times
On Blue Bayou...

Reminds me of the Blue Bayou song, a favorite of my eldest sister,
a sister who stands by me, well, sisters nga kami eh, ;) and there are still
some sisters in the web that you can find like the one who passes this award,

There is a community on the web who is ready to support you and they really stand by you, I can read their stories, their blog is the medium for reaching out to others, sana it would extend to helping find partners for friends, hehehe.

I read their blog because I learn from them, from being mommies and I can feel, truly feel that they are proud, proud loving mommies and I want to be like them.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas and Wines

Something about the mini bar from a disposal in Dusit Hotel prompted me to write something about wines. My sister-in-law works in a hotel and is an expert on food and beverages, she knows the ingredients of most prepared foods, she knows a lot of cheese names and especially wines.

As for me I am confined to the red and white wines, and the "black fly in your chardonnay" song of Alanis Morrissette that is all I know.

During Christmas and New Year or any celebration, you can always find wines, especially in weddings and on Valentine's Day so I guess not only at Christmas.

People give wines as a gift though, because it is affordable and within the range of a giver's budget.

My father-in-law has a collection of wines, the cabinet wine is already overflowing so they displayed all the wine at the top of another cabinet. To best keep the wine it should be placed in a wine cellar where they are stored to keep their taste and spirit intact. So I am not sure if these wines taste as good as it gets old.

I took some pictures of the wines displayed inside the house. I tried to search something about wine from the internet and here's what I found out.

There are four categories of wine.

We have the following:

1. Appetizers - Sherries, white Vermouths, flavoured wines - lead into a meal
just as hors d'oeuvres and soups do.

2. Table wines - the white Chablis and Rieslings, the pink Roses and blanc de
noirs, the red Burgundies and Cabernet Sauvignons- go with the main dishes.

3. Dessert wines - Ports, Angelicas, Cream Sherries, Muscats-accompany the

4. Sparkling wines or "bubblies"

It is still a puzzle to me.
So here are some more categories for the wine and it depends on the name and the variety.

For the names, It is traditional in France to use the name of the Region in which the grapes are grown. Examples include Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Chianti, Champagne, Loire, Pies porter, Rhone etc.

For variety, Wines labelled by the kind of grape are termed " varietals" ... Outside Europe, it is usual to use the name of the grape variety that the wine is made from (i.e. Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc.)

Many of the world's finest wines are a blend of varietals: almost all Bordeaux red wines contain Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.

Almost all Champagnes contain Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

What is the most expensive wine in the world?

The most expensive wine ever sold is a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafite which sold at Christie’s London in December, 1985 for £105,00 (about US $160,000). The wine is reported to be from the cellar of Thomas Jefferson, the former US President, and this most expensive bottle of wine had the initials Th.J etched into the glass bottle.

Chateau Lafite is a famous winery situated in the village of Pauillac, France. The winery has been occupied since at least the 14th century, and the majority of the vines were planted around 1680. Jefferson first sampled the wine while in France but continued to be a customer of these expensive Bordeaux wines throughout his life.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What I Love Being Pregnant

Let me count the ways; I've seen this article in American Baby magazine and thought of having my own list

1. Yesterday, I got to ride the turn back MRT ride at North Edsa station, because of my condition, it was my first time to ride from North Edsa and got the wrong level of station, I still have to go down to the second level because I was on the third, but the kind ticket man, permitted me to enter and I was the first one to have a seat.

2. Some tricycle drivers are extra careful when they are driving especially sa mga lubak.

3. I get to eat what I want

4. People would offer to carry my things

5. People keep on feeding me food that they only share sa "buntis"

6. My brother always drive me around no questions asked.

7. Free from household chores

8. I can request special food from my mother especially my favorite hamonado

9. I do not care about how I look, if I look fat or ugly or plain

10. I get to sleep a lot

hmm, dadagdagan ko na lang sa susunod.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

To Tell or Not To Tell a Cheating Boyfriend

That is the question. Whether I should tell my friend I caught his boyfriend cheating on her or not to tell. My friend is suppose to marry the bf next year, and one day, I saw the man with another girl who looks like my friend but on the smaller side, medyo chubby kasi ang friend ko eh, pero this girl is kamukha talaga, payat pa. Parang smaller version, kamuntik ko na silang lapitan kasi akala ko nga siya yung friend ko.
I am with my husband, he recognize the bf too, pero siempre siguro gusto pa niyang ipagtanggol, baka naman hindi raw siya. Nyee. So we decided not to tell, baka naman hindi nga siya, is there harm in not telling? Sabi nga nila, what you do not know won't hurt you. Haay, sana lang it won't happen to me, I do not want to know.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Got Paid by PayPerPost

Yehey! Got paid 20 dollars from PayPerPost, so they really pay after a month, this is a start of something big! Looks like I am going to have a new career. so Bloggers out there who is not yet a member of ppp, sign up.

Friday, December 14, 2007

PBB Ulet on Baron Getting Drunk

Of course, this is an exciting show for me seeing Baron loose himself completely to alcohol, it was pure torture, it was like out of a movie and the acting was real syempre totoo nga eh. I like to see the housemates reaction to Baron, natakot si Ruben, si Will naman pag kaharap si Baron, pinapasober pero parang di rin niya kaya, takot din siya, pagdating sa loob siya naman ang bida sa pagkukuwento. si John, ok pa si John pag uminom ako pwede ko siyang isama, hehehe.

Gabby was game, I can feel she can understand Baron lalo na the next morning when she said na "they should help Baron". Of course, Mariel was plastic na naman, the night when Baron was drunk, she was making sign na "sira ulo" finger rotation sa tenga, "sira ulo", may "tiwang".

Tapos the next morning, who knows probably after hearing what Gabby has said, biglang, "Hello Baron, nice to see back", sarap ihampas sa pader, kung alam lang ni Baron. And Mommy Yayo was " Baron! tapos biglang hug, tapos, sasabihin pa, "It was fun, ok lang yun".

No. It was not Ok, bakit ayaw nilang sabihin na hindi ok, plastic? Sana lang pinakita rin ni Big Brother kung ano ang reaction ng mga housemate kay Baron, hindi lang kung ano ang ginawa niya kagabi when he was drunk.
Good na rin na pinakita rin ito, and they were apologizing pa, you will learn nga eh, sabi ni Big Brother, sabi ko sa sarili ko, parang hindi nakakakita ng lasing ang mga tao kung hindi ipapalabas, Ay sus, mas grabe pa nga dyan ang mga nangyayari sa labas.

I do not know, this is one of my flaw, I guess, being tolerable to people's weaknesses, nakakainis talagang mag-aral ng Psychology, kelangan mong intindihin ang mga tao, pero sila hindi ka naman magets. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

I remember nga asking my husband, kung ano ang mapapala niya sa pag-aasawa niya sa akin, ang tagal kong inisip , ano ba talaga ang makukuha niya sa akin,(ako maraming naiisip na makukuha ko sa kanya, hehehe) dami kong flaws, I do not have the best attitude, then, tararaaaan. " Ako lang ang taong nakakaintindi sa kanya, kung ano ang gusto mo, ako lang ang nakakasakay sa kanya, who can tolerate him and understand and completely accept him as he is". (aside from his family maybe, hindi rin)

Wow, that is one unconditional positive regard, sa psychology yun pero pag sa ordinary conversation, that is what you call LOVE. You do not ask a person to love you or accept you as you are, kasi ang hirap gawin nun kaya diba, kaya swerte ka na if you were able to find one person who can do that besides your mother. Hehehehe. Senti, tama na. may gagawin pa ako.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pinoy Big Brother Again

Mariel did it again, she was obvious that she doesn't want Gladys inside the house and I think Glady's also wants out because Mariel is the Big Sister. From the start, they have this silent competition, parang maganda galit sa kapwa maganda, pero I do not know what they are worried about. Maybe Mariel thinks that she will have competition with the attention from the housemates and maybe Gladys was right when she thinks that Mariel likes Ethel more. Anyways, ayaw ko na syang panoorin, parang bata si Gladys kung umiyak, may tantrum and Mariel is still irritating me.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Low Bat Day

What a tiring day, after my checkup at Asian Hospital for my Immunologist I have to rush to my OB's checkup so I could show her the result of my blood tests and some instructions from my Immunologist. Haay! Pero I was able to hear for the first time, my baby's heart beat! But I was so tired, I have little reaction, all I know is that I can hear the little someone and the beating heart.
I really know that this baby is a fighter, hehehe, the baby is already showing strength through the heartbeat.

I have to take duphaston again until week 16, I will take a steroid for my immune system, and the aspilet for my blood clotting. Haay! Baby ko talaga, special na agad.
So sabi ng Ob be ready for more expenses, no worry my baby, Daddy will worry about that. hehehe. Just keep intact in my womb.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December Sale Season and Impulsive Buying

Yesterday, we passed through Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong and we saw a One-day Coleman Sale and it was jampacked with people. Since it is a one-day sale, everyone wants to get a hand on everything, you can see people carrying big square-bucket Colemans, we saw cars piling up their compartment with 4 pcs of big Coleman containers. I wonder what will they do with that. I think it is a great gift option but it lacks personalization. Hahahaha!

We wanted to buy a pet bed for Cassie but we already bought one at Cartimar, the one at Cartimar costs 500 and it is just her size, the Coleman pet bed costs 1,200, 710 and 800, we should have waited for the sale since Coleman is washable and just like what I said durable.

Discount is around 300-500 pesos, not bad but I see people panic buying and showing collective behavior because I think they are getting or buying things that they will regret after, just like in any warehouse sale, you tend to get things that you do not need and then plan to give it to whoever the shoe or shirt fits. Just like yesterday, a saw a Dad bought a Tempur pillow costing 3,310 with a discount of 300, maybe he really needs it or maybe he saw someone get it and he gets one too, but if you are in the department store and see the display, you will rarely buy it, and if you really need it, you will buy two, one for you and for your partner. Maybe he will give it to someone, very expensive gift.
I see people buying because they are looking at what other people has taken or bought. What do you call this behavior? Eto na naman ako, trying to figure out behaviors and attitudes. Is this what you call keeping up with the Joneses? Just because your neighbor has a new car, you wanted one too? Eh what will you do with a very big Coleman container, stack it is your basement and use it only once a month during special occasions, well, considering the price, maybe it is a steal after all.

What about impulsive buying? I am always a victim of this impulsive buying, my wardrobe is a good evidence for that, buying clothes and things that I do not need and buy it for the sake of what? At-The-Moment spurt of adrenalin that temporarily gives you a high feeling for buying beautiful things? Then after wearing it once or twice it will be placed in the farthest part of the cabinet and let it rot, but because it may be expensive you do not want to get rid of it.

Haay, I should listen to my mother's advice in choosing clothes, choose clothes or things that has a classic design that never goes out of style. I have a boxful of clothes stacked and not using anything if I have to take it out it will fill my cabinet again. So maybe I should just sell it? Garage Sale??

Speaking of Sale I saw this Sale ads in Pioneer, National Bookstore Warehouse Sale 7-8 and 14-15 only. We might go there next week after my masteral class at Boni.

Another Sale Alert is at Microwarehouse in Silver City at Ugong, Pasig on December 15. This is a one-day sale only. Microwarehouse sells ipods, mac product and other tech gadgets at a very low price. We also plan to go there next week to buy bag for our Macbook or a PSP for Irwin, I want a Mac Mini too!

Friday, December 07, 2007

My Gingersnap Purchases

Just want to share my Gingersnap purchases, I uploaded the pictures in photobucket and made a slideshow out of it kanina pero ngayon I edited it in photoshop na lang.
I bought shirts and polo for baby boys and baby girls, some purchases are for our inaanak. Pero yung ibang shirt na pang girls binili ko lang ang cute kasi eh, parang gusto kong bumili ng doll tapos isusuot ko. hehehe.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Happy and No One Knows It

I just had my ultrasound tonight and seeing my baby again takes all the tiredness and anxiety that has gripped me all week before the ultrasound. I'm in my 8th weeks and 5 days and my baby's heart is beating 177 beats per minute, growing strong and still hanging on. NO subchrionic bleeding either. I am so glad I cried on the way home, I look like a fool walking and crying so I just bought myself a cup of mocha ice cream and brought one for Cassie too. Irwin is having his Christmas party so he cannot go with me. I cannot explain my tear-stained face when I got home so I feigned a happy and talkative persona.

Now,I am blogging about it and sharing my happiness with anyone who care to read.

Maybe I am having those pregnancy partum but I am not depressed. I told myself to never read magazines on pregnancy again now it affected me again. So I will just rely on God and good reason for my condition and not based it on anything else.

Monday, December 03, 2007

On Aswang, Tiktik and Pregnancy

Do you believe in these creatures? Well I'd like to, because of what happened to me when I had a miscarriage. That was before when I learned the result of my APAS test. Weeks before I had my miscarriage, my husband told me that he heard loud wings flapping outside of our house and it was collaborated by my sis-in-law who was also pregnant at that time. Of course, I was scared, I couldn't sleep for a while, and I keep on watching the windows for some telltale sign of the "aswang".
My sis-in-law has a third eye and she could feel and see spirits. I believed her in some ways. So when I had the miscarriage and we couldn't explain it in any ways, we blamed the aswang. When I got home from the hospital, two days later, it was my sis-in-laws turn to bleed and was rushed to the hospital. Again, blame it on the aswang. So what did we do, we tried to contact spiritista and bought buntot page (stingray's tail) in Quiapo. I have two buntot page in my room located at the windows, my sis-in-law has a very large and long buntot page by her window. It is 5 feet long, and my father-in-law would swing it in the gates, windows and doors at 6pm everyday. That was when we were still blaming the aswang.
We have holy water and believe me, yes believe me, we have crushed garlic in our windows too! Until today because I am still in my two months period, supposedly I smell good to them.
Sometimes when I come home at night and I was the first to arrive in a dark house, I would hear the dogs doing their "ahooo" awoooo", and I will not get out of the house until someone arrives.
But now, when I know my APAS blood test result my miscarriage was caused by my blood clotting and cutting the air, nutrients and blood supply to my baby. If this continues, the baby will not survive three months that's why I have to take aspirin to help in some ways. Tomorrow, I am due for some more test and hopefully aspirin is all I need to keep my baby alive. Whew! so goodbye aswang, it never hurts to believe in you anyways.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Etcetera, Etcetera on PBB

Early morning blogging, what can I write? About how I dislike Mariel and glad that she is out of Pinoy Big Brother house? I am glad though that Baron is not evicted because I could see a potential in him to change. Gabby's entrance is not welcome also because it defies the rules, she should have no outside contact and if she leaves she should not return. She may have taken out of her system the experiences and the feeling of being a prisoner in Big Bro's house.
Mariel can be herself because she has no fear of getting evicted, she was the only happy person inside the house, maybe if the others could relax just like Mariel we could really see their true personality and if they do not care about winning the price, then we could really tell who they really are. But because I am teaching Social Psychology, and it is the study of the influence of the presence or perceived presence of people on an individual, you really could not tell their personality because it is a different situation, once they get out what you see inside is not necessarily their personality.

I remember Mariel, telling John that they should "date" after the show is over and see if what they are feeling are brought about the situation and see if what they feel is real. Usually, it does not last, it is brought about by loneliness and the feeling of limited freedom inside the house.

Change topic to marriage and relationship, so how about those extra-marital affairs by the husbands or wives? Are they influenced by the situation too? The answer is yes, one-night-stand, yes. The problem comes the morning after when you feel the responsibility sinking in. Maybe the married one's are waiting for some changes to happen in their relationship with their partner and if it improves maybe they will leave their mistress. For the one-night stand, sorry, it is not a start of a serious relationship, forget the girl, forget the man, pray you won't get pregnant, it is only brought about the situation. Cynical right?