Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traveling This Holy Week

Example HTML page Any hours now, people will be flocking the bus station, waiting for a ride to their destination this Holy Week. The season of Lent marks the beginning of a long vacation. And it is Summer! Some will go to the beach traveling by sea or air and some can go to the nearest beach like in Batangas or Subic or in Ilocos. It is a big problem though if ever you will have a long trip and suddenly you need some New Auto Parts. It such a hassle if your car breaks down and you have no spare parts to repair your vehicle. The best thing to do is to check your vehicle days before your long ride or test it a day before the travel. You do not want to spoil your vacation just because of a malfunctioning car. If only there are door to door delivery of spare parts who can assists you anywhere. One call and they are there. But during this time I think there are road assistance for this kind of problem. The best thing to do, bring a cap for the hot weather, check your cars, and bring lots of water. Enjoy the vacation everyone and spend some time in meditation...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

50 First Dates

Example HTML page Do you remember the movie 50 First Dates? I like that movie a lot, especially the songs in that movie. I remember that the setting was in Hawaii and Lucy got an accident. If that happens in real life in Hawaii, you will need an Accident Attorney Hawaii A Personal Injury Attorney Hawaii is the best help one can get if you encounter any accidents due to negligence. Everyday, we see it in the news, on the road, we hear it on the radio, news of getting hit, injured or being hurt and we need professional help in this kind of situations. Life is very precious, we should stay out of trouble but accident just happens and if it happens and you are in Honolulu, there is an available Honolulu Personal Injury Attorney ready to give their free consultation. Remember to be always careful wherever you go.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Totally Addicted
love spell, falling in love... a scribbly note found in my old notebook written during my younger years
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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Caregiver The Movie

Example HTML page Do you remember the Caregiver movie of Sharon Cuneta? A lot of people can relate to that movie especially people from the Philippines. Filipino caregiver have been going around the world working for foreigners, taking good care of them, providing for their needs and sometimes they end up as their friends. One of my favorite scene in the movie was when Sharon was caring for an elderly person and he was a bit irritable and difficult. Of course in real life and in the movie, anyone caring for an elderly for the first time will be faced with a lot of adjustments. Sharon's character was one who is not giving up easily and tries hard to be friends with the old man. In the end, she was rewarded with a book that was given to her when the elderly died. It was a touching and moving scene. I also remember a relative from Seattle who was here last Christmas who was talking about a seniors housing Seattle. It is very convenient for the Americans. It is not that they will be neglected, they are taken care of in that institution. I have a grandmother in our house, she is Irwin's grandmother and she was with us because she had an operation. We were always busy and we cannot provide for her other needs like having a short talk. She lived in Pampanga and there, she has a lot of older friends which constantly talks to her. Irwin also has a friend whose elderly was in a seniors housing New York and one was in seniors housing in Los Angeles. Irwin worked in New York around year 2001 and he was in Yorktown Heights just outside the city. It is a good place for retirement he said especially for the elderly. Everybody grows old, if you can think of your retirement and is still able, you can buy a beach front, a property in one of the provinces or retire in a nursing home. Some people just do not want to be a burden to their families so they opt for a nursing home.

A Truck Experience

Example HTML page I remember my boss telling me about a story of how they were blocked by our school security guards because it has been a standard procedure to check every vehicle leaving the grounds of our school. She was complaining because their car was a SUV pickup with a truck bed cover covering it. Imagine the hassle of taking it off and exposing an empty back. She was angrier the next day because it is the same truck that they were using. It is not that they do not have another car, but the rest were in repair shop because it was damaged by the typhoon Ondoy and their SUV was spared. She was embarrassed more because her husband was the one driving the car and he has to go down and open again the truck cover and expose it. What's really making them angrier is that they were hanging like in a parking lot cue and thay have to remove the truck cover. The cover more or less looks like this, I got this picture of tonneau from this site. Having a truck cover would be beneficial because you need to secure the things at the back of your pickup truck and this would shield the things from sun or rain. Anway, the procedure only lasted for two days. Sometimes you get lucky, some days you don't.