Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Like Scrubs

Example HTML page I often dreamed of working in the medical field and sometimes imagine myself as a doctor or a nurse. I imagine myself as a doctor wearing the white coat but then I would be engulfed by the robe and I think I will not look good in it. Next, I imagine myself wearing a "nursing scrub" that usual light blue shirt that is similar to the uniform of bus conductor and jeepney drivers. Still, I think I won't look good in it. Then I found this site that sells uniform for nurses and I actually wish I could have one. Right now in our university, we are in the process of designing our uniform and the colors available in this site for the scrubs are light and fashionable. Though we are not in the lookout for scrubs, but I have never seen these type of scrubs before. Medical City, St. Luke's Hospital and other hospitals should consider this site to order from them. The usual scrub that I see are prints of cartoon characters, this may look harmless to children but scrub top on this site convey a casual professional look. The scrubs are similar to the popular medical soap "Scrubs" or even the series "House".