Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not Like The Movies Lyrics

I was surprised to know KC is the singer of this song. I thought it was a foreigner.
Good song, Original..

Not Like The Movies
(KC Concepcion)

I’m your average dreamer, I’m a true escapist
Always expecting a happy ending
Maybe I’ve been watching too many movies
Maybe I should grow up and start pretending
When I saw your face though, everything was slow mo
And I started wondering why..?…
Why can’t it be?
Just a pathway full of roses
Leading to a sunset view
Where the one you've always dreamed of waits
Why can’t it be?
It was like a movie scene, the way I felt for you
Only you didn’t fall, now it’s not like the movies at all
(…not like the movies at all..)
Should'a kept my heart charged
Should'a been more patient
Should'a kept an eye on my addiction
What was I expecting
Did I have a vision of a scene
That only lives in fiction
Now I know that you are not gonna be my co-star?
And i start to wonder why..

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vieux Chalet at Antipolo Rizal

Father's Day was celebrated at Vieux Chalet in Antipolo, Rizal. There were 9 adults and 3 kids, the total costs of the food costs 6,000 plus inclusive of tax.

When we got there and about to order pizza, they told us, there were no more pizza. So take a look below at what we ordered.

I did not get a picture of the Shrimp Ravioli in tomato sauce and the Fetuccine Alfredo.

Overall my rating will be a 2 out of 5 because of the cost, the cleanliness and quality of the food.
Cost is very expensive, Cleanliness, there were lizards at the dining area, cockroaches near the piano where the kids were playing and black ants in the restrooms, we had to call the attention of the staff to eliminate the black ants. It was everywhere, if you use the toilet it will crawl to your legs!
As for the quality of food, there was nothing special in the food, can get the same taste of the pasta and the entrees at a cheaper price in Mom and Tina's or any hotel.

Maybe I would recommend it to people who are on a date but if you are eating as a group, it is not worth the experience and the money to eat there.

I will not go back there, pictures lie, reviews lie, see and try it for yourself. But just like what I said or commented in the other blogs, we all have our individual differences. I may sound like I am releasing a bad review but I was not satisfied especially when they announced that they have no more pizza and I was craving for one. They reasoned that they were jampacked earlier and all the pizzas were ordered.

This is the herbed rice, 225 grande this is 3 orders of it..

Look at the presentation of the herbed rice at site.

This is the beef tenderloin grande costs 1250.00, sorry for the photo but it really looks like that..

Pink Salmon in Sauce Cafe de Paris
This one costs 885.00

Pink Salmon with Butter base sauce served with Rosti and Vegetables. Where is the Salmon, find it under the vegetables?
Around 2-3 pieces.. how much is 500 gms of Salmon? Go figure..

This is their table setting, awesome??

I am not sure if this is Berne Platte or Assorted Sausages this one costs around 1300.00. Expensive again!
Anyway it was my sister who paid for the bill and she will bill us later..
Not so reasonable, marami pa ang pinitpit na hashbrown..

This is Salad Tony costs 445.00. I enjoyed eating this as they have a different taste but then again, it is still expensive,
I could have twice the salad with another gourmet taste at Gumboo.

This is the left side of the restaurant, too simple, not too extravagant.

Sausage Festival costs 425.00
This is too pricey, I could get a bigger platter at a hotel particularly at Dusit Hotel with an overload of sausages, this could be just two pieces of two different kind of sausage.

This is a detail of the art at the other side of the room, you can see it in the other end of the hall in the picture below.

This is what you see when you reach the top stairs, it was a very small restaurant, do not be fooled with the image, we are using a wide angle camera.