Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Po Suk Jung Restaurant

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Frozen Mango Dessert -Free

Hemul Pajeon Korean style pancake with seafood and vegetables P 350.00

Jab chae Korean Style Pancit Noodle P 250.00

Gal Bi Sal US Choice Rib Finger P 300.00

Spicy and Sour Soup with Steamed Egg - Free

Haemul meuntang Hot and Spicy Stew with Assorted Seafood P1,200.00

Cha dol ba gi US Angus Brisket  P 200.00

We went here last Sunday January 15, 2012 to celebrate my 36h birthday with my family and my in-laws. Parking is not a problem they have a lot of space. My side of the family were ahead and we were seated in the low table where you have to remove your shoes and eat Korean style on the floor.

The kids were even having a great time playing because no one was eating at the other side of the table. A big TV was at the center.

The serving and the price is ok we ate a lot and the barbeque brisket is so tasty and you can easily eat an order. The appetizers were free and you can ask for a refill. We especially like the caramelized potato balls, the sauce tasted like barbeque and its really different. Overall the soup is spicy, serving can be good for two and parking is not a problem. We all like the food that we ordered.