Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Blog as a Mood Monitor

This blog is a good indicator of my moods, prior to giving birth and waiting for the big day I was not always in a good mood. Being confined to the house because of bedrest, I was irritable, I am a person who really can't stand doing nothing especially it is still my vacation from school. That's one reason I had a bad case of Doppler study, I tried to clean the shoe closet which got me so tired and got me confined the next day.

I was always in a bad mood, I notice everything, from my friends behavior to the scholar's tuition fee to my mother's unsolicited advices.

Now that I already have Kiara, the mood does not improve, is this hormone or post partum depression, I guess I am not depressed, just irritable from lack of sleep and not taking a bath.

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