Thursday, August 28, 2008

How important is a Yaya?

It's been a while since I wrote anything new in my blog. Kiara turned 2 months last August 13. I returned to work last August 5. I had a CS and had to go back to work before my two months. I do not have an SSS maternity leave filed because I am a government employee.

Kiara's yaya, Ate P quit her job two weeks ago. I think it is because she is fatigued and exhausted. She cleans the house, washes our clothes and still take care of Kiara. We live with Irwin's parent, I have a sis-in-law who also has a kid, she has a separate yaya cum helper just like Ate P, lets call her Ate A.

Ate A's role is like a mayordoma who decides who gets to do the job, Ate P or her. I am not at home all the time but I've been hearing that Ate P do most of the job. Ate A gets a higher salary than Ate P because Ate A's been serving their family for more than 10 years. She is a trusted and reliable helper.

The people who are left in the house consisted of my husband's cousin,the cousin of my SIL's husband, my SIL's husband, my SIL and the helpers.

To cut the story short, Ate P realized that she's been working really hard and was not compensated for her job. She was just a new helper so she should start at a basic salary right? She keeps on comparing her salary with Ate A and she's getting some encouragement from my SIL and all those people left in the house.

In the end, she left expecting we will raise her salary and deemed her important. Yes, her job is important but she has a bad working attitude. She is complaining to my SIL's husband's cousin and not to my Mother-in-law.

Last week I have no yaya, only Ate A looks after the two kids, and this week she was able to find a replacement for Ate P but again she left, we do not know why, basta na lang di sumipot. By the way, the helpers are stay out.

My MIL do not want any stay in helpers, marami raw kaming pakalat-kalat na bagay baka may mawala.

REally these days, it is hard to find a helper you could trust. Kaya if you have one already, better treat them well. ang hirap mawalan ng kasama.


Unknown said...

hi agnes! (hope that's really ur real name) i incidentally read ur blog as i was searching for the nido-commercial-song. im happy someone is actually experiencing the things that i do, well ofcourse as being a-first-time mom =). from the diapers to the breastmilks down to the very-hard-to-find-trustworthy-yaya. i too is a working mom, but unlike you, im a single parent (a long sad story behind it). i hope we could share a whole bunch of things pa, even in the net. heres my add:

hope to here from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Agnes! I can totally relate... It's so hard too find a maid we can really trust our babies to. It's such a pain in the neck.