Thursday, July 02, 2009

Pretty Girls, Special Girls, Lucky Girls

These are Kiara's Ninangs living in the States. They stand less than 5 feet. They are American citizens of Filipino descent. Their father is a surgeon and their mother is a nurse. They have their own clinic and their family is rich compared to the average American family. Tawny the eldest, is 18 and had her debut in a fancy hotel, very intelligent and received an award from their State as best in Science student.
Pretty, Lucky, Special Girls. I am glad they are living a rich life in America, I you are short and living in the Philippines, it might be ok because there are a lot of short people here but in the States they are the exception. I am also glad they are intelligent because they will not be bullied. I am glad they were able to retain their Filipino values and they are very sweet and kind cousins.

Will Kiara also grows up to be as smart and pretty as them? I hope so.

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