Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you want to be a Filipino?

This article is in response to a written blog of one of my student.

If I am asked that question if I want to be a Filipino, I would want to be a Filipino but do not want to live in the Philippines, I guess I would rather earn money somewhere and spend it here.
I am starting to loose hope in our country, but maybe I am too close-minded to say that.

It is just so frustrating, yes we have a lot of good things, and bad things too. I am thinking of my baby Kiara on what will happen to her when she grows up and expect a not so good country.

I've been trying all my life to do what is right, what is good and avoids evil at all possible cost but in a country where corruption is open and there is a large gap between the poor and the rich and there seems to be no way of reversing or balancing all of these. I have no hope anymore.

People are forgetting their values. Even children do not have values. I was raised in a Catholic School where we are taught to greet every teacher that we meet. In our school, students pass by their teachers. They ignore them. I do not know where they get that attitude. People cheat, they are dishonest and mistrustful. Sometimes I have a feeling that it is not safe to live here anymore.

I have been working for almost 14 years now and I am not getting anything from the government. I would rather maybe work in European countries even if the tax deduction is high because you will benefit from it. Here, I never get anything, I pay the tax, I have a GSIS deduction, PAG-IBIG etc. but I get nothing in return.

It is only here in the Philippines where squatters live by the river and eventually have their own homes somewhere because they are relocated I do not know if they paid any tax in their lives.
If you do not give to your neighbors people will label you, "I want to say to them' "get up and work", "do not beg". "Huwag kang tatambay dyan".

If I have a little "hitler" attitude I would say to "clean" the city of peddlers and squatters and those who do not do anything worthwhile in their lives.

They will just add to the problems of our country. Maybe when that time comes, when the proper distribution of wealth and benefits will "benefit" us at last.

When these social problems are solved that will be the time when we will feel the worth of our labor. When would that day be?

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