Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holy Cow : The Atrium

This is the interior of the restaurant. It is L shaped and the bar or the counter/cashier is located on the right side, so if you plan to eat here sit near the counter. If you sit in the area where we sat, chances are, you will not get noticed. They looked understaffed to me because I cannot see them because they are on the other side.
The restaurant seemed to lack customer service because we have to call the attention of the waiters because they are missing or in the other side.

With regard to the food, Irwin ordered a burger steak which costs 155 pesos with java rice and vegetable plus add 25 for a refillable ice tea. Ice tea tasted good. The burger steak tastes ordinary. I ordered the parmesan chicken that costs 160 pesos and the pesto with garlic bread.
My parmesan chicken tasted good too, the chicken was tender but it lacked seasoning. Irwin liked what I ordered, he don't like the burger steak.

So will we try it eatng there again. Maybe not.

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